Update | May 10, 2022

Update | May 10, 2022 Day 225 Update: Closing in on Day 225. I cannot say THANK YOU ENOUGH for your continued prayers, grace, understanding, and encouragement. We’re closing in on the homestretch! Here’s where we are:  Pulpit and organ were moved back to their spots. It does my heart good to see that pulpit standing […]

Update | March 9, 2022

Update | March 9, 2022 Day 159 Update:   Scaffolding in Main Sanctuary is slowly coming down as painting is moving from top to bottom. The attic and interstitial space has been cleared for soot. Every surface is being repainted in the sanctuary. It’s still unreal.   Once scaffolding is down, we can begin replacing carpet, reinstalling […]

Update | January 10, 2022

Update | January 10, 2022 Work continues in the right direction. I’m continually amazed at the graciousness and flexibility of our wonderful church to maneuver through this season with such grace! We press on!  Scaffolding building is complete. Work has started fully in Main Sanctuary. It’s a sight to take in. The teams have essentially […]

Update | December 15, 2021

Update | December 15, 2021 75 Day Update — in all three worship services on Sunday, we’ll have a time to pray for and say “Thank you!” to our friends at ServPro. We’ll also be providing a meal on Monday for their crew. They’re doing a fantastic job!  Scaffolding is nearing completion in the Main […]

Update | December 2, 2021

Update | December 2, 2021 Last night around 9pm, an individual lost control of their car and ran into the front steps of the Main Sanctuary. As you can see from the photos, there was heavy damage to the staircase and railing, but we are so thankful the individual appears to be ok. We’ll get things […]

Update | November 23, 2021

Update | November 23, 2021 We had a huge step forward this week returning to three services and two Bible Fellowship hours to utilize every square foot of space. It was awesome to see and experience together!  Last week, Schantz Organ completed cleaning and restoration of the organ in Stakely Sanctuary. You can see from […]

Update | November 8, 2022

Update | November 8, 2021 The work continues. The entire church feels like a construction site.  In the Main Sanctuary, ServPro cleaned the slate where the pews were burned. Pews will begin being removed in the coming days to make way for scaffolding to be set for cleaning.  I crawled around the catwalks in the […]

Update | October 27, 2021

Update | October 27, 2021 Stakely is being prepared for Sunday! 8:30am and 11am services (due to limited seating, I’d encourage you to worship at 11am if you’re able). It’s going to be beautiful! No childcare or Bible Fellowship Groups on campus for this week — but coming very soon!  Once childcare and Bible Fellowship […]

Worship | October 24, 2021

Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 Worship | October 24, 2021 […]

Update | October 20, 2021

Update | October 20, 2021 Stakely accelerant soaked carpet is being removed to prepare for October 31st worship services! Temporary carpet will be put down until the carpet can be fully replaced to match. Ceiling tiles continue to be removed and cleaning above the ceiling grid throughout affected areas to remove smoke and soot residue. Reception office […]