"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

We believe in the power of prayer.

Our Prayer Ministry consists of a group of Prayer Warriors who lift up the needs of our church, our community, our nation, and our world. We would consider it an honor if you would allow us to prayer for your special need. 

In addition to praying for special needs, we also want to make an impact by praying for the spiritual awakening of our families, our friends, our nation and our world.

Will you join us in answering the call?

Pray with Us

Daily Prayer Time

8:00 PM  |  Daily

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Meeting ID: 953 202 335
contact Brian Gay for password

Wednesday Prayer Time

6:00 PM  |  Wednesdays

Fellowship Hall


(The Current Prayer Needs/Hospital List is only available to First Baptist members. To view the PDF, contact Carolyn Bryan for the password.) 

Please take time to pray for the requests below. Once you have prayer for them, click on “I Prayed For This” to let them know they have been prayed for.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


Please pray for my dear friend, Patrick. He is a pastor’s son. He is addicted to meth and is in homosexuality. He hasn’t chosen to go to a long term rehab. Please pray for his complete deliverance and surrender to Jesus Christ - for his eyes to be opened, and that his stony heart would soften. I’ve been praying for 7 years, believing for breakthrough and for God to get the glory. This has been going on for a long time…I feel tired, but can’t give up. Thank you, God bless.

Received: June 23, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.


Kindly please pray for healing of my schizophrenia illness, especially the hell of psychotic and distressing noise of cars constantly bearing down on me, suffered for years now.

Received: June 7, 2024


I pray over my cousins and aunt (and, any family that lives in Alabama) that they continue to pray and be successful in their endeavors with school and finding a family of their own. I pray that they continue to spend time with their family and have a splendid holiday with their family including any family events.

Received: May 28, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.

Tammy Laughlin

Please continue to pray for continued progress for our family’s long prayed for situation. Please pray to give us patience and for His will to be done.

Received: May 26, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


Please pray for my return to The LORD. I am deeply backslidden. Please pray for my repentance, healing for my backsliding, and deliverance from any and all satanic strongholds and bondages. Please pray that God softens my heart and helps me through the trials I am going through. Please pray that whatever schemes The Devil and my enemies are trying to pull on me are exposed and fail and that the attacks against me cease. Please pray for healing for my body and God's protection over me and for spiritual and material provision in my life.

Received: May 15, 2024


Join us for prayer in the main sanctuary the 1st Wednesday of every month!

Order of Corporate Prayer

  1. Praise/Thanksgiving – Time to thank God for what He has done for us. A time of dropping off the cares of the world and beginning to concentrate on our gratitude for His goodness to us as we prepare to enter into His presence.  This is a good time to read a Psalm of thanksgiving. (An example is Psalm 100.)
  2. Confession – Confess our sins to God and asking His forgiveness according to 1 John 1:9 and/or Psalm 51. The Word says God can’t hear our prayers if we harbor wickedness in our hearts (Psalm 66:18).
  3. Adoration – A time of praising and then worshipping God for Who He is!!! (Revelation 4:8,11).
  4. Protection – Put on our spiritual armor before entering into intercession (Ephesians 6:10-18).
  5. Intercession – Time is very limited (50 minutes) so our prayers on each subject should be limited to 1 to 2 minutes. Incorporate God’s Word into our prayers as much as possible (Isaiah 55:11). The focus of our prayer time is: church, pastors, spiritual awakening and the lost.

This prayer time is dedicated to the Lord. We honor Him by:

  • being on time  
  • putting the needs of others above our own (Philippians 2:3-4).
  • praying in unity (Romans 15:5-6)