Jay Wolf

Phone:(334) 241-5121

Associate Minister of Outreach & Evangelism

Mark Bethea

Phone:(334) 241-5133

Minister of Music

Ed Cleveland

Phone:(334) 241-5151

Minister to Single Adults

Kathy Cooper

Phone:(334) 241-5125

Minister of Missions

Brian Gay

Phone:(334) 241-5131

Associate Minister to Students

Ryan Gray

Phone:(334) 241-5187

Associate Pastor for Spiritual Maturity/Senior Adults

Kenny Hoomes

Phone:(334) 241-5182

Associate Minister of Music

Josh Jacobs

Phone:(334) 241-5153

Associate Pastor for Discipleship

Justin Law

Phone:(334) 241-5161

Minister to Children

Glen Leathers

Phone:(334) 241-5164

Minister to Students

Russell McCrory

Phone:(334) 241-5163

Minister to Preschool

Nancie McQueen

Phone:(334) 241-5166

Church Administrator

Patti Shoemaker

Phone:(334) 241-5181

Communications Director

Amanda Smith

Phone:(334) 241-5122

Minister to Girls

Amy Smith

Associate Minister to Students

Jay Spivey

Phone:(334) 241-5187