Our mission is to know Christ better, to grow in Christ, and to share Christ with the world around us. 

We accomplish this through missions (both in Montgomery and around the World) and through Bible studies. We have an array of activities in each class and for the whole ministry. There is something for you at First Baptist Montgomery. COME JOIN US AND SERVE!

SINGLE ADULT Ministry Contacts

Minister to Single Adults

Kathy Cooper

HOMETOWN: Alexandria, Virginia
EDUCATION: Bachelors of Art in Psychology/ Sociology/Social Work from Huntingdon College // Master of Arts in Religious Education from New Orleans Theological Seminary
MINISTRY PREPARATION/EXPERIENCES: lifetime on mission with church planting parents // Active in all areas of ministry from early age // have traveled extensively leading many mission teams // counseling/social work for many years prior to coming to FBC
FAMILY: Beau, husband // 1 deaf dog // 4 cats
FUN FACT: My claim to fame is that I had a horrible bloody nose while waiting on a special tour of the White House with my High School SS teacher. Her husband was chief of military protocol and she led a ladies Bible study that included most of the First Ladies since Kennedy. I bled all over the fancy gold carpet in the private part of the White House and earned a trip to the President’s personal physician.

Phone:(334) 241-5125

Ministry Assistant

Beth DeBardeleben

Phone:(334) 241-5160