Fall 2022 Discipleship Classes

Classes begin Sunday, August 14, or Wednesday, August 24, unless otherwise noted. There will be no classes on Sundays, September 4 & 11 and October 30.
For more information, contact Justin Law at 241.5161 or jlaw@montgomeryfbc.org.


First Five Marriage Seminar
Sundays, October 2 — November 13  |  9:45 AM  |  B409

Join us for this seven-week course to build a foundation for a Christ-centered marriage. This seminar is designed for couples who are in their first five years of marriage as well as couples who will soon be married. The topics are chosen to confront issues married couples face early in their marriage and provide practical and biblical solutions. 

Facilitated by the Cokers, Hamiltons, and our Marriage Team

Your One: Evangelism Essentials 
Sundays, August 14 — November 13 | 4:30 PM  |  B404

This course will help you discern the spiritual condition of those you meet and prepare you to share the gospel better. 

Facilitated by Mark Bethea

Apologetics: “If God Is Dead How Do I Share Jesus?”
Sundays, August 14 — November 27  |  5:00 PM  |  B411

This six-week course explores the development of the Post- Christian society and how we can reach those who don’t recognize their need for salvation. Topics will include the rise of humanism/relativism, influences of Eastern religion, as well as determinism and agnosticism/atheism. We will learn how we can use a less traditional method of apologetics to prepare a resistant world to hear the Gospel. 

Facilitated by Charles Hamilton

Complement: Seeing the Beauty of Marriage through Scripture
Sundays, August 14 – October 9  |  5:00 PM  |  B403

Over seven sessions, Complement shines a compelling light on the beauty of marriage as God intends it. Through biblical teaching, storytelling, and real-life examples, we will dismantle the distorted cultural views of submission, servanthood, and leadership within a marriage and offer a better view of healthy, godly marriage. In this study, participants will walk through the purpose of marriage as the Scripture relates it and tackle topics such as family mission, sex, leadership, fighting, and forgiveness.

Facilitated by Jeff & Denise Holland

End Times
Sundays, August 14 — November 13  |  5:00 PM  |  B408 + Zoom

Come learn about God’s plan of redemption for the nation of Israel and the “nations” based on Biblical prophecies and promises found throughout scripture. We will also provide a sequence of end-time events based solely on God’s Word.

Facilitated by Steve Langer

Anxious (Ladies Study)
Sundays, August 14 — November 13  |  5:00 PM  |  B402

Anxious: Fighting Anxiety with the Word of God will help us learn how we can practically take hold of the perfect peace this is only available through God as we dive deeply intros His Word, embrace the practice of prayer, and live authentically in the support of our community of faith.

Facilitated by Eileen Mitchell

Making Life Disciples: Engaging in Pro-Life Ministry
Sundays, August 14 – November 13  |  5:00 PM  |  B415

Do you have a desire to become more engaged in pro-life ministry, but you’re not sure exactly how? In this course you will be trained and equipped to offer compassion, hope, help and discipleship to men and women considering abortion. By partnering with First Choice Pregnancy Center, you will be able to walk alongside someone in an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy and speak life into them. 

Facilitated by Michele Tidwell

Return to Mayberry 
Sundays, August 14 —
November 13  | 5:00 PM  |  B405

Join us for an hour of fun as we revisit some of the most classic episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” and glean spiritual lessons for everyday life.

Facilitated by Doug & Lori Rogers


Homegrown: Cultivating Kids in the Fruit of the Spirit
Wednesdays, August 24 – October 5  |  6:00 PM  |  B402

Raising great kids is less about our own parenting skills and more about God’s power. When the Holy Spirit lives through us, we model the fruit of the Spirit for our children. In this study you’ll discover the fruit of the Spirit in the context of your parenting, learn how to cultivate growth in your children, and explore practical ways to live out the fruit of the Spirit together. 

Facilitated by Troy & Celia Teel and Billy & Camilla Irvin 


Men’s Bible Study
Mondays | 5:30 PM  | 410 South Perry Street

Bring your Bible and join us for an hour of refreshing and reviving prayer, accountability, fellowship, and Bible study.

Ladies’ Bible Study: Where Do We Go From Here?  
Tuesdays, September 13 — November 29  |  9:30 AM  |  347

 Today’s headlines shout of modern plagues, social tensions, economic crises, and rampant depression. In this ten-lesson study, Dr. Jeremiah shares how prophecies and wisdom from centuries ago still speak the truth today and point the way forward to tomorrow. Whether one is new to biblical prophecy or a longtime student of the Bible, this timely message will encourage and recalibrate us to the mission of God in our daily lives.

Facilitated by Nancy Burt

Friday Morning Men’s Bible Study 
Fridays  |  6:45 AM  |  413

Join us for a sweet hour of prayer and Bible Study. We study the Bible book by book, one chapter at a time, and have great refreshments every week. Leadership rotates, and our pastor is a regular member and leader.