Minister of Music + Worship

Minister of Music and Worship

Job Description

First Baptist Church | Montgomery, AL 


The Minister of Music and Worship at First Baptist Church Montgomery is a senior ministerial staff position charged with leading the church in worship each week and utilizing the gifts and talents of the church to engage in worship. This individual will strive towards excellence in worship and guide the church towards meaningful worship each opportunity we have to gather. This position will be responsible to the Senior Pastor, while working in close collaboration with the Senior Pastor in regards to music and worship. 

I. Congregational and Staff Relationship:

A. Be a God-called person viewing their primary role as a minister of the gospel who consistently represents the love and light of Jesus Christ to everyone they encounter.

B. Exhibit care and concern for all ministries and programs of First Baptist Church, Montgomery.

C. Coordinate actions with other ministers and office staff as appropriate and as a cooperative and encouraging teammate.

II. Primary Responsibilities:

A. Pastorally engage those involved in the music ministry of the church to compassionately care, love, encourage, and disciple individuals as they follow Jesus.

B. Lead in the planning and executing of weekly worship services. Work in collaboration with the pastor to plan and implement services to engage the congregation in worship.

C. Provide leadership and support to the variety of music and worship opportunities our church offers. Lead the Sanctuary Choir, Senior High Youth Choir, and Reflections Ensemble, while providing support to the lay and staff leaders that lead children’s choirs, Junior High Choir, Joy Singers, handbells, orchestra, and other music ministry opportunities.

D. Supervise the entire work of the music ministry and oversee the work of the Music Ministry Assistant, Orchestra Director, Handbell Director, accompanists, music interns, and other music ministry staff. Aid in enlisting and training of volunteers and church members in music ministry.

E. Plan, lead, and execute The Living Christmas Tree and other special events, consistently finding ways to reach new people in our community with the gospel through music and utilizing the gifts of our church members.

F. Steward the music ministry of the church to ensure solid biblical foundations for worship, songs, and discipleship strategies through music.

G. Enlist and grow involvement from our church membership in the music ministry.

H. Find innovative ways to engage membership in utilizing their gifts, growing in their talents, and serving the Lord through music.

I. Plan and manage the music ministry budget.

J. Oversee purchase and maintenance of all music instruments used in the ministry.

K. Explore and implement music and worship initiatives amongst our church and membership.

L. When requested, be prepared to assist in funerals, weddings, and other special events as needed. 

III. Other Responsibilities:

A. Attend weekly church staff meetings and worship planning meetings. Attend the various meetings of the church committees and deacons as needed.

B. Model servant leadership.

C. Collaborate with the Pastor and Associate Pastors to plan and implement initiatives for the church.

D. Perform other duties as requested by the Pastor. 


By Email:

Mark Bethea, Senior Pastor

By Mail:

First Baptist Church Montgomery
Attn: Mark Bethea, Senior Pastor
305 South Perry Street
Montgomery, AL 36104


Caring Center Director

FBC Community Ministries Caring Center Director

Supervised by and responsible to the Minister of Community Ministries 


A. Recruit, train, and coordinate Caring Center volunteers to help maintain the daily operations of the Caring Center in order to meet the needs of clients and the mission of the ministry 

  • Provide ongoing recruitment of volunteers to serve weekly at the Caring Center 
  • Recruit groups and/or individuals to volunteer for special service projects/work days throughout the year 
  • Provide orientation training to all new volunteers 
  • Provide quarterly training/gatherings for all volunteers 
  • Maintain policies of procedures for volunteers serving in the Caring Center 
  • Provide daily guidance to volunteers in the workroom, clothing shop, and food shop 
  • Manage the scheduling of volunteers to provide adequate coverage the Caring Center services 


B. Responsible for opening and closing the Caring Center during operating hours 

  • Report any maintenance that is needed for the upkeep of the Caring Center 
  • Make sure the building is secure 
  • Report any incidents/accidents that may occur to the Minister of Community Ministries 
  • Communicate with housekeeping in regard to the cleaning needs of the center 


C. Manage food and financial assistance program 

  • Oversee Montgomery Food Bank orders, pickups/delivery, payments, and monitoring requirements 
  • Responsible for staying within the allotted budget each month for benevolence expenditures (food/financial support) 
  • Coordinate with partners/case managers from other organizations to assist in providing financial assistance and other Caring Center services to clients 
  • Stay abreast of community services available to clients and assist in connecting clients to available resources as appropriate 


D. Maintain up-to-date records for properly reporting the provision of client services and center operations including clothes shop clients, food clients, financial assistance, volunteers, and volunteer hours 

  • Follow all Food Bank requirements for reporting and maintaining Food Bank privileges 
  • Maintain records of all clients for shopping, food and financial assistance according to established procedures 
  • Enter client service information into Charity Tracker following established procedures 
  • Review and update policies and procedures as needed for reporting 


E. Facilitate quarterly meetings of the Caring Center Advisory Board (CCAB) 

  • Ensure the CCAB has an appropriate number of representatives following the Community Ministry Bylaws 
  • Schedule quarterly meetings of the CCAB according to established dates by the Chair of the Community Ministries Board 
  • Provide timely communication with CCAB members, the Community Ministries Board, and the Minister of Community Ministries regarding meetings of the CCAB 
  • Provide timely reports as related to the needs of CCAB 

F. Provide required quarterly reporting to the Community Ministries Board and Minister of Community Ministries and other reports as requested 

  • Compile written quarterly reports for board meetings 
  • Share oral reports with the board as requested during board meetings 
  • Submit other necessary reports as requested or required by the board or Minister of Community Ministries 


G. Serve as a Field Instructor for Social Work interns for the Caring Center 

  • Communicate with local area Schools of Social Work to recruit interns to serve in the Caring Center (time may be shared with the Nehemiah Center to acquire the mandatory amount of field education hours and to provide interns with a broad range of social work field education) 
  • Provide training and supervision to interns so the needs of the Caring Center and the requirements of the internship are met 
  • Provide reports and attend meetings as necessary to fulfill the role of field instructor for the associated academic institution 


H. Attend meetings, training, and conferences as necessary to represent Community Ministries, the Caring Center and/or learn about resources and other social services in the area 

  • Provide information booths at mission fairs/trade shows to share information about the Caring Center and its needs 
  • Attend community ministry meetings and network with other community organizations 
  • Attend social work discipline meetings/job fairs to assist in sharing about the Caring Center, provide continuing education, and aid in the recruitment of social work interns 


I. Other responsibilities for special projects or events may be assigned as necessary. 


Time required: 40 hours per week 


  1. At least a BS in Social Work with 2 years of social work experience 
  2. A calling to ministry 
  3. A loving, caring spirit 
  4. A compassion for the poor 
  5. Be an active member at FBCM or become an active member at FBCM


By Email:

Viki Brant, Minister of Community Ministries

By Mail:

FBC Community Ministries Inc.
Attn: Viki Brant
305 South Perry Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Community Ministries Executive Director

FBC Community Ministries Caring Center Executive Director

Principle Function: The Director of FBC Community Ministries leads, organizes, coordinates, operates, evaluates, and expands a comprehensive set of gospel-centered community services for those living in the River Region community. Through ministry development and equipping the congregation in the work of ministry, the Director will help FBC bring more people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, help meet the basic needs of others, and mentor /educate a wide range of people.

Accountability: The Director reports to the Board of FBC Community Ministries with guidance from the FBC Senior Pastor.


Spiritual and Ministry Leadership

  • Provide spiritual leadership and training to staff and volunteers, creating a culture of compassionate and Christ-like care throughout the organization.
  • Ensures that the Gospel Story is presented at all Community Ministries Special Events.


Strategic Planning and Board Relations

  • Work with the Board of Directors to set strategic direction for the ministry and implement strategies to accomplish the goals.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures as needed.
  • Ensure that all programs adhere to the mission and vision of the ministry.
  • Serve as the liaison to the Board of Directors, including board communications, organizing all board meetings, and assisting with board member recruitment and retention.


Organizational and Business Management

  • Direct the overall programs and activities of FBC Community Ministries in cooperation with the individual ministry directors and other staff and volunteers.
  • Establish and maintain high quality programs by implementing best practices.
  • Collect data and maintain reports and statistical information on all programs.
  • Evaluate existing programs for effectiveness, efficiency, and viability.
  • Develop new programs to fill documented needs and join God where he is at work.
  • Coordinate programs and activities with other ministries of First Baptist Church as required.
  • Prepare annual budget for board approval.
  • Be a good steward the ministry’s financial and physical resources.
  • Ensure that all local, state, and federal nonprofit financial reporting requirements are met.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • Assist in planning, utilization, and maintenance of the ministry’s physical facilities and resources.


Personnel and Volunteer Management

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, supervision, and termination of all paid staff members and contract employees.
  • Assign job functions and tasks to employees.
  • Enforce personnel policies and procedures.
  • Conduct regular reviews of staff members and make recommendations for improvement as needed.
  • Maintain personnel files and other confidential records.
  • Empower staff to recruit, train, and retain volunteers.


  • Implement fundraising activities, including solicitation of major gifts, corporate and individual donations, and planned giving, to support the organization’s goals and programs.
  • Establish, cultivate, and maintain relationships with donors, foundations, and other funding sources to support programs and activities.
  • Research and write grant applications to fund programs and general operations.
  • Oversee grant compliance and ensure all grant reports are submitted in a timely manner.


Marketing and Public Relations

  • Serve as the Community Liaison for FBC Community Ministries and represent the ministries both within and outside the church.
  • Function as the key spokesperson for the organization.
  • Communicate effectively with the FBC church membership and regularly report on the ministries’ activities.
  • Serve on the FBC Church Leadership Council and other FBC committees as needed.
  • Effectively represent the organization on community boards, committees, and workgroups.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with similar agencies to coordinate services.
  • Work with the FBC staff to create and implement marketing activities, such as website, newsletters, emails, and advertising.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Follower of Jesus
  • Willing to become or remain a member of FBC Montgomery
  • Passion and concern for the mission and vision of the ministry and the populations served.
  • Bachelor’s degree or a minimum of five years of successful nonprofit or business management.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to interact in extremely delicate, sensitive and/or complex situations.
  • Ability to exercise sound leadership and judgment.
  • Demonstrated expertise in fundraising and fund development management .
  • Experience in creating and managing an annual budget and knowledge of financial systems and reporting
  • High energy and ethical integrity, as demonstrated by significant community involvement as well as respect of peers and community
  • Ability to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences; ability to accommodate non-standard work schedules; and ability to work with limited resources.


By Email:

Ben Kelley


By Mail:

FBC Community Ministries Executive Director
Attn: Ben Kelley
681 Towne Lake Drive
Montgomery, AL 36117