Bible Fellowship Groups

At First Baptist we have a little saying that we know is true, “We need Jesus and we need each other!” By joining a Bible Fellowship group you will have a small group of believers to walk through life’s highs and lows- to pray for you and to encourage you! Also, you will develop deep relationships centered on God’s word and serving Jesus together! So don’t miss out on being built up in Christ and building others up, too!


Adult Ministry

Amster (formerly Williams): B402

Anderson: A401

Ashley: Fellowship Hall A

Birchfield: A413

Bozeman: B403

Brock: A411

Bryan: 414

Donnithorne: CLC Breakroom

Encouragers: 348

Freedom: Stakely Choir Suite

Fleming/Wood: 416

Griggs: B412

Hamilton/Coker: B404

Internationals: Miller Building

John Smith: 444

Kingdom Builders: A408

Martha Chandler: B417

McQueen: B411

Morrow: B416

Newman: B405

Pathfinders: 443


Poundstone: Fellowship Hall C

Powell: Fellowship Hall B

Randall: A410

Reagan: B301

Seabrook: B408

Self: A406

Sellers: B401

Servant Hearts: A402

Steppingstones: 347

Stewart/Manly: 500

Upgraded Life (McLemore): 413

Warwick: B415

Watkins: 418

College and Single Adult Ministry

College: Bell Chapel

Halbrooks/Helton/Thomas: 6th Floor

Henley: 601

Ladies: 602

Mens: 6th Floor

Young Professionals: Bell Chapel

Group Day Time Ages Locations Location Lifestage Childcare? Status

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Associate Pastor for Discipleship

Justin Law

Ministry Assistant

Beth DeBardeleben

Associate Pastor for Discipleship

Justin Law

HOMETOWN: Titus, Alabama
EDUCATION: M.Div from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
FAMILY: Anslee, wife // two children: Brantley and Mary Blake
LIFE VERSE/FAVORITE SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:52 — And Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man.
FUN FACT: Taco Bell is my favorite fast food!

Ministry Assistant

Beth DeBardeleben