While First Baptist has an illustrious history that reflects God’s leadership, it has a stellar future as we purpose to faithfully serve Christ in the heart of our city.

Constituted in November 1829, First Baptist Montgomery began with four charter members. In the 191 years since the beginning, the First Baptist family has called only a few locations home, but has been the participant in a number of expansions. It is these expansions that have enabled FBC to have a great history of Building Generations of Faith. 

August 2020
Mark L. Bethea

Mark Bethea became the 24th pastor.


July 2012
Kingdom Resource Center

The new educational facility was officially named the The Jay and Mary Ruth Wolf Kingdom Resource Center


June 2010
Educational Building Dedicated

The new educational facility was dedicated


Fall 2008

Groundbreaking for the new educational facility


January 2008
Debt Free

$23 million debt on the new sanctuary was retired


Extra Label
Construction Completed

Building construction on sanctuary completed


New Sanctuary

Cornerstone laid for the new sanctuary



Groundbreaking for new sanctuary


Caring Center

Facility that is now home to the Caring Center purchased


Vaughn Forest Baptist Church

Vaughn Forest Baptist Church was constituted as another mission of First Baptist


July 1991
Jay L. Wolf

Jay Wolf became the 23rd pastor


Community Ministries

Jane Ferguson joined the FBC staff and developed the Community Ministries program


Education Building + Parking Lot

Built J.R. White Building and Scott Street parking lot.


Dale Huff

Dale Huff became pastor


Dr. J.R. White

J.R. White served as pastor


Multi-Story Sunday School Building

Began building campaign for multi-story Sunday School building


Normandale Baptist Church

Normandale Baptist Church was constituted as another mission of First Baptist.


Ridgecrest Baptist Church

Ridgecrest Baptist Church was organized as a mission of First Baptist


Late 1930s
Sunday School Extension

Sunday School extension was constructed


Extra Label
Construction Completed

Building construction completed and building dedicated


Moved Into New Sanctuary

Began to use the new sanctuary


Worshipping in Basement

Began worshipping in the basement of the sanctuary



Groundbreaking for the sanctuary on Perry Street


Worshipping on Court Street

Worshipped in the brick building on Court Street



Moved the building off site while a new brick building was constructed


First Church Building



November 1829
Lee Compere

Lee Compere, a missionary among the Creek Indians stationed near modern day Tallassee, was our first pastor. He was born in England in 1790.


November 29,1829
First Baptist Church Founded

First Baptist was constituted on November 29, 1829, under the leadership of Fields Bradshaw and Lee Compere. There were four charter members — John Gindrat, J.R. Crosby, Margaret Wiggins, and Jane Compere (Lee's sister).