Update | November 23, 2021

We had a huge step forward this week returning to three services and two Bible Fellowship hours to utilize every square foot of space. It was awesome to see and experience together!
🔸 Last week, Schantz Organ completed cleaning and restoration of the organ in Stakely Sanctuary. You can see from the photos that every pipe was cleaned and assessed. The organ in the Main Sanctuary was removed and placed in the foyer under encapsulation for protection. Over 4,000 pipes will have to be cleaned in the Main Sanctuary organ.
🔸 In the Main Sanctuary, all pews were removed and hauled away. All pews in the Main Sanctuary will be replaced with new pews crafted by the same company that did the original pews years ago. They have already started crafting these new pews. This is a staggering reality of the smoke and soot damage.
🔸 A large amount of scaffolding has been delivered in preparation for installation in the Main Sanctuary. Scaffolding will be installed in and around the Main Sanctuary building to be able to access all the high places with proper equipment. This will also be a lengthy and involved process, but will allow for proper cleaning. Again, the Main Sanctuary will be the last area we have access to.
🔸 The A/B building outside of the Main Sanctuary is being prepared for paint and carpeting. Ceiling tiles are going in as available. Carpet will go in as soon as it arrives. Continue praying it comes quickly!
🔸 A huge shoutout to ServPro for being fantastic partners in this. As you can see from the last photo, instead of a blank temporary wall behind Stakely Sanctuary, they painted and added Scripture. Without their help, this past Sunday could not have happened. Each Monday, they are quick to make sure we had a good day of worship. Thank you to ServPro and their continued excellent work!
Thank you for continuing to pray. God has been so good. As we approach Thanksgiving, we have a tremendous amount to be ever thankful for!