Update | October 27, 2021

🔹 Stakely is being prepared for Sunday! 8:30am and 11am services (due to limited seating, I’d encourage you to worship at 11am if you’re able). It’s going to be beautiful! No childcare or Bible Fellowship Groups on campus for this week — but coming very soon!
🔹 Once childcare and Bible Fellowship Groups meet back on site, we may expand to three services and two Sunday School hours. We will provide those details as we assess in the coming days.
🔹 Stakely’s carpet has been cleaned or removed where accelerant was poured, HVAC lines cleaned, hymnals and Bibles run through hydroxyl chambers, surface and thoroughly deep cleaned, as well as air scrubbed for weeks now. It’s in really good shape. The entire carpet will be replaced as to match the new runners that were put down and the organ will have to be deep cleaned pipe-by-pipe.
🔹 Electronic equipment, pianos, and organs are all awaiting or undergoing professional cleaning or assessment. This week, we will use a portable system in Stakely until it’s completed.
🔹 A containment wall was placed behind Stakely as you can see from photos. Bathrooms directly behind Stakely are accessible, but the rest of the building is still not accessible as you can see from photos. These restrooms are not handicap accessible.
🔹 Carpet in all children’s areas has been taken out or is in process. You can see from the photos, it’s a lot of carpet. Also, those areas where children and preschool gather receive extra attention to replace items such as toys, rockers, bedding, etc… rather than cleaning them.
🔹 Pray carpet and ceiling tiles will not be delayed in shipment. As we’ve all experienced COVID stock and shipment issues, building materials, carpet, and tiles are impacted as well.
🔹 Cleaning above the ceiling grid continues throughout the church as well as soot removal from HVAC lines. It’s a slow and meticulous process.
🔹 If you miss the parking lot for worship, don’t fret! Fall Festival will be in the Perry Street parking lot Sunday from 4-6. It’s going to be such a wonderful time. Invite friends, neighbors, family!