Update | December 15, 2021

75 Day Update — in all three worship services on Sunday, we’ll have a time to pray for and say “Thank you!” to our friends at ServPro. We’ll also be providing a meal on Monday for their crew. They’re doing a fantastic job!
🔹 Scaffolding is nearing completion in the Main Sanctuary. This will allow workers and equipment to reach the ceiling, fixtures, and walls to paint, repair, and clean. It’s unreal, but also a massive undertaking.
🔹 Main Sanctuary lights are temporarily in Welcome Center for protection. The organ is also under a large wooden box in the foyer as you see from the photo. The piano has been taken off site for cleaning and storage.
🔹 ServPro workers walk around on stilts to put up ceiling tiles throughout the building. A good percentage of tiles are in and we’re awaiting shipment of more to complete.
🔹 All carpet has been ordered and we are anxiously awaiting its arrival. As soon as it arrives, things will move quickly to get back into education space. But, we have been cautioned that carpet could be very delayed in arriving.
🔹 Painters are doing fantastic and working quickly throughout the education space. It looks wonderful to have a fresh coat!
🔹 During our staff Christmas party off-site yesterday, power was turned off for electricians to do some important work in the Choir Suite. A new ceiling grid and lights will be reinstalled.
🔹 Work on the new pews and reception office have begun and are progressing.
Thanks for continuing to pray, support, and encourage! We’re pressing onward each day!