Update | November 8, 2021

The work continues. The entire church feels like a construction site.
🔸 In the Main Sanctuary, ServPro cleaned the slate where the pews were burned. Pews will begin being removed in the coming days to make way for scaffolding to be set for cleaning.
🔶 I crawled around the catwalks in the sanctuary and continued to be amazed at the extent of the soot infiltration *everywhere*
🔶 You can see in the photos one of the organ pipe chambers that are to be cleaned once scaffolding is placed in Main Sanctuary. The Stakely organ will be cleaned next week after the service. It’ll take a full week to complete. The Main Sanctuary organ comprises thousands of pipes and will be a lengthier cleaning process.
🔶 The first shipment of ceiling tiles came in today. I’ve never been so happy to see ceiling tiles! Those will be put into the 6-story Stakely building so we can be back in for Bible Fellowship Groups on November 21st.
🔶 Bibles, hymnals, choir and orchestra music, and other paper items are being cleaned in hydroxyl chambers, boxed, and stored.
I’m constantly amazed at how extensive this process is. I never would have imagined nearly six weeks later, this is where we would be. However, I am so thankful for the way I’ve seen our church rise to this occasion at every detour and turn.
We’ll keep praying and pressing forward together! Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus!