Update | January 10, 2022

Work continues in the right direction. I’m continually amazed at the graciousness and flexibility of our wonderful church to maneuver through this season with such grace! We press on!
🔸 Scaffolding building is complete. Work has started fully in Main Sanctuary. It’s a sight to take in. The teams have essentially created a new fifth floor to allow equipment and workers to reach every nook of the church. As you can tell from the photos, the Main Sanctuary is a massive project.
🔸 The fourth floor of Stakely was finished and released this week! The temporary walls from the staircase were removed and we got some great space back.
🔸 Work on the reception desk is going quickly and should allow us to reopen the hallway behind Stakely in the coming weeks which will make a huge difference in reaching classrooms without needing to go outside.
🔸 A huge shipment of ceiling tiles was delivered. Those will get installed quickly. We still await (and are pray) the carpet is delivered quickly.
🔶 We still believe it will be a while before we’re back in the Main Sanctuary. While we wait, we will continue soaking up this special time in Stakely Sanctuary. We won’t be in there forever, so let’s soak it up!