Tuesday, October 12

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12 These aren’t just building update photos. They serve as a picture of how we sometimes operate. As we prayer walked the church and parking lot before Sunday’s powerful worship service, one of our treasured deacons shared the stark contrast between how the outside of the buildings looked, knowing what was going on inside […]

Tuesday, October 5

TUESDAY , OCTOBER 5 This morning, I saw the news that an arrest was made in the investigation. I’m sure you’ve seen the report and read the news yourself. Instead of posting the link, can I point you to the cross? The squiggly line of accelerant stops short of the cross – the cross where […]

Sunday, October 3

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 The first person I greeted following the service in the parking deck this morning said, “When can I get baptized? I am ready!” Yes, Lord! What’s really happening here is not so much about a fire or building, but about the gospel going forward in power. Revival is coming. God is clearly at work […]

Friday, October 1

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1 FBC Faith Family, I left the church last night more encouraged and ready to take the gospel forward than ever before. What man meant for evil, God is currently using and will use for good. I believe that with every fiber of my soul. Here are a few updates: This Sunday, we will […]

Thursday, September 30

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 Dear friends, Overnight our church was attacked by an arsonist who attempted to set fire to several areas of our church building including our Sanctuary and historic Stakely Sanctuary. Montgomery’s first responders arrived quickly and minimized what could have been a catastrophic event. The damage varies (several pews destroyed and carpet burned in […]