These aren’t just building update photos. They serve as a picture of how we sometimes operate.
As we prayer walked the church and parking lot before Sunday’s powerful worship service, one of our treasured deacons shared the stark contrast between how the outside of the buildings looked, knowing what was going on inside of them. They are beautiful buildings, but on the inside damage and soot linger. You’d never know standing outside looking at them.
He pointed to the reality that at many times we walk around in the same fashion. We look completely put together with a facade of perfection, while inwardly, we are broken, hurting, frustrated, struggling, and in darkness. As hard as this process has been, the best thing we can do is open the door to others to begin cleaning, restoring, healing, and repairing.
The best thing I can do today is to open wide the doors of my heart to God’s corrective, instructive, restoring, and cleansing truth. His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect even in our weakness.
** By way of update, progress continues. The photos detail some of the areas, but you can see the choir robes off to be cleaned, all air vents, ducts, and units are being cleaned extensively, ceiling tiles in many places have been taken down, containment and cleaning of major damaged areas, and on and on…
I hope you’ll join us on Perry Street Sunday morning at 9am for worship. The weather looks perfect and it’ll be an ultra special day. At 8am, we’ll have donuts and coffee. So come early, fellowship, bring your Bible, a friend, and a chair with you!