This morning, I saw the news that an arrest was made in the investigation. I’m sure you’ve seen the report and read the news yourself. Instead of posting the link, can I point you to the cross?

The squiggly line of accelerant stops short of the cross – the cross where Jesus took the full weight of our sins. If I believe that Jesus saved a wretched sinner such as myself, then I believe he can save a church arsonist from their sins as well. Would you join me in praying for this person by name? Pray the Lord would open their heart to the transformative power of the Gospel.

A few notes I’ll share in regards to the article for clarity:

– Pray for our international community at FBC. To my knowledge, this person was not part of our international fellowship at FBC (International Bible Fellowship and Worship, Conversational English, English as a Second Language, Citizenship Classes, etc…). We deeply love and value our international brothers and sisters.

– The $25,000 in damages that are reported in the court documents are not accurate. I can say with a high level of confidence, that number is not in the ballpark.

– I hope to know more details today regarding the investigation after speaking to investigators in the afternoon. Right now, I do not know much more than the news has shared.

Teams continue to clean and repair the church. I’ll share more soon regarding the church building and progress that’s being made, but today, zero in on prayer.

You are so deeply loved and appreciated.