Steven & Cindy Martins: Seeing the Gospel Move House by House

In the past couple of years, Steven and Cindy Martins have become good at inviting themselves to other people’s houses. They’ve got thousands more they want to visit, but that number is getting smaller.

In the area where they live — the Niagara region of Canada — 89-90% of the population of 400,000 doesn’t believe in God. Since planting Sevilla Chapel in 2019, Steven and Cindy have been strategically and intentionally going door to door in the city of St. Catharines. They’ve been sharing, and people are listening.

Their church — which worships in Spanish and English — is reaching family after family with more than eight countries represented, both Latinos and other ethnicities who find the warmth of the Latino community comforting. “People in our city struggle to find community, satisfaction and hope. That’s why God called us here,” Steven said.

Prayer Requests
  • For Sevilla Chapel to continue making disciples in a challenging community
  • For Steven and Cindy to have favor as they knock on doors and share the gospel.