FBC Deacon Nominations

In selecting one to be nominated certain requirements should be considered:
  1. He should measure up to the requirements given in 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:3.
  2. He must have been a member of the First Baptist Church of Montgomery, Alabama, for at least one year and be at least twenty-five years of age.
  3. He should attend church services regularly every Sunday morning and Sunday night, every Wednesday night and all special church meetings unless hindered by some good reason which is approved by good conscience.
  4. He should be a tither, bringing his tithes systematically to the church for the Lord’s work.
  5. He should be evangelistic and missionary in spirit, deeply interested in the salvation of souls at home and abroad.
  6. He should be fully cooperative with the church and its spiritual program of advancement.
  7. He should be a man who restrains from destructive criticism of his church, willing to settle all difficulties in a quiet and Christian manner without hurting the cause of Christ and His church.
  8. He should be able to keep in secrecy those things which should not be discussed with others.
  9. He should be active in the various activities of the church: Bible Fellowship Classes, Discipleship Classes, and other programs adopted and promoted by the church.
  10. He should be a man about whom people say, “He is a good Christian man.”
  11. He should live a consecrated Christian life, bringing no reproach by his conduct to the church or the cause of Christ.
Deacons now serving and not eligible for election

Term Expiring 2024

John Ashworth  •  William Bozeman  •  Scott Champion •  Patrick Cleveland •  Jim Edwards  •  Steven Faulkner  •  Tyler Gresham  •  Kenny Hall  •  Charles Hamilton  •  Bob Howard  •  Billy Irvin  •  Corey Johnson  •  Allen Luckie  •  Scott McLaughlin  •  Tim Powell  •  Pickett Reese  •  Steve Roberts  •  Jay Tidwell  •  Joe Watkins  •  Ken Webb

Term Expiring 2025

Troy Amster  •  Barry Bledsoe  •  Will Bryant  •  Brad Christenberry  •  Les Davis  •  Brad Flowers  •  Drew Granthum  •  Will Granthum  •  Rogers Helton  •  Stuart Hendon  •  Quincy Jones  •  Ben Kelley  •  Larry Layne  •  Hal Leary  •  Tyler Mason  •  Will Steindorff  •  Ken Stephens  •  Reid Strickland  •  Mike Talley  •  John Mark Vermillion

Term Expiring 2026

Chuck Ashley  •  Rodney Bledsoe  •  Ben Burkett  •  Niko Corley  •  Davis Denney  •  Tommy Dismukes  •  Allen Ensminger  •  Jason Gardner  •  Paul Griggs  •  Jason Herbert  •  David Martin  •  Cecil McKinney  • Estes McLemore  •  Chris Mills  •  Mike Nuss  •  Doyle Powell  •  Stephen Renner   •  Donnie Robinson  •  Bobby Stephenson  •  Jeff Windham