Jared & Jennifer Huntley: Deployed for Christ

Jared and Jennifer Huntley had a heart for military personnel long before they launched Pillar Church of Washington, D.C. Jared had served in the Army and knows firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate the unique challenges of the military culture—especially without Christ.

Now the couple is discipling and equipping military personnel and their families to follow Christ, share the gospel and be missionaries if they are moved to other bases or deployed. Jared says to him, it’s a “great way to accomplish the Great Commission.”

“They’re already transient,” he said. “If the government is already moving these people all around all over the place naturally, why not … see that as an opportunity to say, ‘Let’s disciple these families and then they’re going to take the gospel with them everywhere.’”

Prayer Requests
  • For Jared and Jennifer to have favor on military bases and in the community.
  • For God to open hearts among military personnel and grow them in their faith so that they can go as missionaries to their future assignments.