Each Camper has 2 Waivers: The Shocco Online Waiver and the FBC Hard Copy Waiver.

The Shocco Waiver is an online waiver and will not need to be printed out.  After submitting the form, you must GO TO YOUR EMAIL BOX, FIND THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL, & CLICK A CONFIRMATION BUTTON for Waiver to be Complete. 

The FBC Release Form is a hard-copy form that needs to be printed out, filled out, and notarized before turning in to FBC. 

Dear Parents of Camp Participants, 

You are receiving this email because:

A) Your 7th-8th grader is registered for Youth Camp Sunday July 19-Tuesday July 21.  

B) Your 9th-12th grader is registered for Youth Camp Tuesday July 21-Thursday July 23.

If your student is not able to go, let me know ASAP.  

I am so excited we are able to have camp.  I have such a heart for those who are affected by the virus, and we will do all we can to keep our students and those they come in contact with after camp safe.  But I also see the HUGE need of our students during such a formative time in their life to encounter Christ in settings like camp and in-person worship services.  I believe it’s important we weigh in eternal implications with the current earthly health implications.  Trying to find that balance is difficult, but I believe we are doing that well right now at FBC.

But at any point leading up to camp, we understand if cancellations need to be made due to unforeseen circumstances – whether that’s COVID exposure, COVID concerns, etc.  Refunds will be given & no judgment will be passed.   If your child has sickness symptoms in the days leading up to camp, do not send them to camp.  We will be taking temperatures with infrared thermometers as students arrive at check-in, and we will also do this a few more times while they are at camp.  We have 2 nurses going with us too!  Sharon Parker (202-4083) and Molly Mims (850 865 0681).  Let them know in advance if your child has medical needs they should be aware of, or medicine they will need to administer.  We are okay with students taking their own medicine at camp if they are accustomed to this.  

***PLEASE SUBMIT ALL $$ AND PAPERWORK THIS WEEK by Thursday Preferably.  We are not planning on handling money and paperwork on Sunday at check-in.  

1. is Shocco’s ONLINE WAIVER.  This is completed online. 

2. FBC’s Release Form: This MUST BE NOTARIZED and completely filled out and submitted, preferably by Thursday.  We will not have a notary at check-in.  You can ask around on Facebook to find a notary – I was also told banks often have the ability to notarize.  

3.  If you haven’t paid the $175, You can call in a credit card number to my assistant Beth at 241-5160 or mail the check to FBC, Attn: Russell McCrory, 305 South Perry Street, Montgomery, AL 36104 and put your child’s name in the memo.  

Registration/Check-In for Middle School Camp will run Sunday July 19 from 8:00-8:30 AM in the FBC Courtyard.  

Check-In for High School Camp will run Tuesday July 21 from 8:00-8:30 AM. 

You can park in the large Perry Street lot.  As parents check in through the Court Yard, Students will load their luggage directly onto the buses which will be located along Lawrence Street.  

It’s important that your student arrives within this 30 minute window so we can get everyone checked in and loaded quickly.  

Middle School Camp will be back at FBC on Tuesday, July 21 around 4 PM. 

High School Camp will be back at FBC on Thursday, July 23 around 4 PM. We will have students call on the way home to give the approximate arrival time. 

The only time that masks will be REQUIRED for Students will be at Check-In at FBC and DURING the bus ride to and from camp.  (Each bus will be filled to just half capacity – just one person to every 2 seat row.) This mask requirement is partly to stay in line with Montgomery’s mask mandate but also to keep students AND THE BUS DRIVERS safer during the bus rides where they will be in closest proximity to one another – with air being recirculated for around 2 hours.  The rest of camp, masks will be optional.  Any student that would like to wear one can do so.  Please talk with your student about the importance of not judging or making negative comments towards anyone who chooses to wear or not wear a mask at camp.  

At camp, we will do our best to distance the students – with only 2 students in most rooms, decreasing the amount of chairs at Dining Tables, moving worship chairs a few feet apart, distancing students in lunch line, etc.  In anything that we do in-person, there’s a chance that someone will get sick. This is nothing to be in great fear of – it happens most years at DNOW with the Flu in fact.  If a student begins to show symptoms of sickness or has a fever, we will isolate them with a nurse to determine if it’s just something temporary.  If a student needs to go home due to sickness, we will call parents to come to Shocco and pick them up.  We will have dorm rooms designated as quarantine rooms if that need arises.  

I would strongly encourage students to refrain from being up-close-and-personal with grandparents or other senior adults the week after they return from camp, just in an abundance of caution.  

At the end of the MS camp, these students will clean their rooms to get ready for the High School Students.  (High School Camp will NOT need to do this since Shocco will clean after they leave).  To do this between-camp cleaning effectively, I would like to ask each Middle School family to try and purchase a canister of Clorox Wipes this week.  Wal Mart has had these at the Customer Service Desk with 1-2 per person – Target has had these in stock periodically with just 1 per person as well.  If you are  unable to procure this, we will have students share with those who were able.  

Shocco will have hand sanitizing stations all around campus, but it would be good if each student also had their own personal hand sanitizer bottle.  

Students should bring some sort of backpack that they’ll keep with them at all events: 

-Their backpack should have their First & Last Name plus FBC Montgomery somewhere on it in case they misplace it. 

-Good Water Bottle For Camp (We will not do public water jugs at rec events)

-Bible, Pen, Notepad for sermon notes

-Hand Sanitizer

Other Things To Bring:

-Toiletries & Any Medicines

-Twin Bedding (Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Blanket, Pillow)

-2 Towels

-Play Clothes: (Maybe 5 Shorts/T Shirts)

-Clean Clothes For Worship (Shorts/T Shirt is fine/Casual Clothes are fine too)

-Sleep Clothes

-Swim Suits (Girls 1 Piece or Tankini that covers stomach)

-Personal Snacks For Room

-Money for Shocco Snack Shop (Optional)

(There will be no FBC Camp Snack Shop this year)

-Money for our annual Haiti Mission Offering (Optional, but highly encouraged) – whether that’s $10 or $10,000 🙂

-Phones are allowed at camp, but they need to stay out of sight – preferably in rooms. 

I will send more info throughout the week.  Let me know if you need anything.  Thanks so much!  This is going to be an amazing camp!!

Russell McCrory

Student Pastor, FBC Montgomery

(334) 440 9266