Halfway Houses

Renascence Inc. (for men released from state prisons)

Foundation of Renewal (for women released from state prisons}

Dismas House (for those released from federal prisons)

Vineyard (for those labeled as sex offenders)

Faith Crusades Fellowship Ministries

Re-entry Community Ministries/Programs

Hope Inspired Ministries

Ministries for Families of Prisoners

Prison Fellowship (Conducts Operation Angel Tree)

Adullam House

Isaiah 58 (provides clothes for prisoners being released from prison)

In 2018, First Baptist had eleven servant leaders (one director, an administrative assistant, an Operation Angel Tree coordinator, seven instructors for Pathway to Freedom classes, an assistant chaplain, and two worship leaders) to serve incarcerated men and women in six correctional facilities in the River Region (Kilby, Staton, Tutwiler Main, Tutwiler Annex, Montgomery Women’s Facility, and the Montgomery County Jail). An untold number of inmates made decisions to follow Christ. 

During the Christmas season over 100 First Baptist members, working with Prison Fellowship, gave Christmas gifts to 110 children of incarcerated parents.

In November, First Baptist hosted an appreciation luncheon for prison chaplains in the River Region and for all Alabama Department of Corrections chaplains. 

The majority of First Baptist volunteers taught inmates in Pathway to Freedom courses, a program designed to empower inmates with Christian discipleship and life skills to advance their success when they return to free communities. A total of 32 inmates graduated from the program (18 women and 14 men) in 2018. First Baptist member Ken Brothers founded Pathway to Freedom.

GOALS FOR 2023 & Beyond


  • Ensure affirming relationships with prison chaplains in the River Region correctional institutions 
  • Best match our capabilities with existing needs; including partnerships with other ministries 
  • Activate robust recruitment of volunteers (using traditional methods plus stellar website information and social media) 
  • Provide creative and engaging volunteer training (resident & on line)
  • Deepen inmate family support through direct Angel Tree contact and other ministries
  • Advance sponsorship (resources) and mentorship (guidance) for re-entry persons 
  • Increase public awareness and influence systems to advance restorative justice that complements victim advocacy 


Prison Ministry Director

Chuck Latham

Prison Ministry Director

Chuck Latham

Chuck is a retired Air Force Officer and ordained minister with over 20 years in prison ministry. He has served has a corporate consultant, academic dean at two HBCUs and skilled in process improvement and strategic planning. Chuck has authored two books and is married to Ruth.