It’s Spring Break Week @ FBC! No PM Service or Activities.

5:15 to 5:50 PM  | First Floor

Preschool + Children (and Families) Snack Supper

Sanctuary Orchestra Rehearsal
5:45 PM  |  Stakely Sanctuary

6:00 PM  |  413

Join us for a sweet time of prayer.

6:45 PM  |  Student Center

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
6:45 PM  |  Stakely Sanctuary

Parenting Preschool and Children
6:00 PM  |  500

Join us Wednesday nights to be encouraged and challenged as a Christian parent.

Preschool + Children’s Choirs
6:00 PM  |  First + Second Floors

Children will learn spiritual truths while singing, playing games, moving to music, and playing instruments. We commit to loving and caring for your children, and will strive to lead them to a closer relationship with Jesus this choir year!

3-year-olds: 202
4-year-olds: 2nd Floor Big Room
5-year-olds: 200
1st + 2nd grades: 102
3rd-6th grades: 105