English As A Second Language

The English as a Second Language program is designed to befriend our neighbors from the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ through practical English study in a classroom setting. We offer classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced English speakers.
Our classes begin in September and end in May. They are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (8:30 AM to 1:15 PM). Each class meets for one hour, three days a week.

Although the classes are different than the Conversational English classes, for the most part they use the same textbook. However, there is NO transportation or childcare. All English classes are offered to fit the need of repetition in practicing the English language.

We also have Conversation Café from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings to practice conversation with Americans and other internationals. There is no textbook for the café, and this is a great way to build friendships and conversation skills in an informal setting.

For more updates on the ESL program, visit FBC Community Ministries, Inc. on Facebook.

Ways you can volunteer to share God's love to the world!

  • Train to be a teacher.
  • Come visit the morning classes and the Conversation Café.
  • Pray for us — the teachers, the students and their families.

Contacts for ESL

Tim Cearley
Minister of Programs
Ruth McKinney
ESL Instructor
Charlotte Cearley
ESL Instructor

Ministry Assistant