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Disciple Now is a weekend Youth discipleship event filled with Bible Study, fellowship, corporate worship, & tons of fun & memories.  Youth are divided by grade & gender into host homes where they will stay Friday & Saturday nights.  We come together as a group for worship with an awesome praise band and speaker on Friday night, Saturday morning and night, & Sunday AM.

Our theme this year is “ALL”. The Hebrew word seen in the logo is pronounced like our word “coal” and means “ALL”.  This word is found over and over again in Psalm 103 and gives us an incredible picture of the nature of our great God, ourselves, & His work in our lives.  

Students should drop off their luggage at their host home between 5:00 and 7:00 PM on Friday Jan 17. 
Check In will be Friday night, January 17th, at 7:00 PM in the  Scott St Lobby.
Our first session will begin at 7:30 PM in the Youth Center. . 
The weekend will conclude after the 11 AM service on Sunday, January 19th.

Jeremy Berger will be delivering our messages.  Jeremy served for years as Youth Pastor at the Summit Church in Raleigh, NC where JD Greer is Pastor.  He is now the Family Pastor, leading all ages of kids & their parents (basically he’s the children’s and youth minister’s boss).  He also travels regularly to camps and events to preach God’s Word.

The Zach Brown Band will be leading worship for us this year.  Zach is the worship leader at Sugar Hill Baptist in Atlanta and travels regularly to camps and events like ours.  Zach and the band will lead us in an incredible weekend of worship!


Disciple Now 2020 Schedule

Friday Evening (JAN 17)

5-7PM    Students drop off luggage at Host Homes

7:00  Registration/Check In in the Scott Street Lobby

7:30  DNOW Begins in the Youth Center

8:00  DNOW Worship in Stakely Sanctuary

9:30  Head to Homes

10:15   Small Group Session 1

12:00  Lights Out


Saturday (JAN 18)

8:00  Wake Up!  Breakfast at Host Home

8:45  Discipleship Session 2

9:30  Head to Church

10:00  DNOW Worship in Stakely Sanctuary

11:30  Lunch in Youth Center

12:00  DNOW Group  Activity

2:30  Activity Reconvenes in Stakely Sanctuary

3:00  Free Time at Host Home

5:00  Dinner at Host Home

6:30  Head to Church

7:00  DNOW Worship in Stakely Sanctuary

8:30  Small Group Session 3 at Church

9:30  Head to Host Homes, Free Time, Clean Up

12:00  Lights Out

Sunday Morning (JAN 19)

7:45  Wake Up & Get Ready

8:45  Head to Church (WEAR DNOW SHIRTS)

9:15  Breakfast at the church in the Youth Center

9:45  Worship and Session (During Sunday School Hour) in Stakely

10:55  Go to Service, Sit Together

12:00  Go Home

Bath Towel, Pillow, Sleeping Bag or Blowup Mattress & Sheets, Appropriate Clothes for the weather, pajamas, Toiletries, Bible & Pen, Snacks. We will wear our Disciple Now Shirts on Sunday Morning.

NO (WITH EXCEPTIONS).  We will have sufficient transportation to carry each student.  We limit student driving throughout DNOW weekend for liability reasons.

The only exceptions:

a) is if a parent lets us know they must have their car for an outside event (See Time Away Form).  In this case, that student can drive from the Church to the Host home Friday night and from the home to the church on Sunday morning.  During this trip they cannot drive another student.

b) a student has to drive themself to the church but parents do not want them to leave their car there through the weekend.  In this case, that student can drive their care alone to the host home where it should stay until Sunday when they drive it back to church.  

If your child must leave for a previously schedule engagement they can’t get out of….there is an online “Time Away Form” at the top of this page.  Click on the link and fill out/submit the form.  We encourage students to enjoy the entire weekend, but we understand that this can’t always be the case.  Just have them back in a timely manner if possible. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM.  WE WILL CONFIRM ANY TIME AWAY REQUESTS WITH PARENTS. 

The purpose of Disciple Now is to create an opportunity to see God clearly and grow deeper in faith.  There are always opportunities to distract from that purpose.  The following rules are in place to limit distractions and create an environment where the most growth & the most fun can happen simultaneously.  Failure to follow these rules may result in an end to the student’s DNOW experience.

  • No leaving host home after our scheduled events (by vehicle or by foot). (This is Rule #1)
  • NO PRANKS WHATSOEVER…..towards others in your home, towards other homes, towards strangers (prank calls, etc).
  • Respect your group, your host home, & your peers.
  • Participate wholeheartedly in worship, Bible Study, fellowship, & fun!
  • Movies/Media – Take a break from media & technology. No movies above PG.  We strongly encourage groups to use free time to interact rather than watch TV/Movies. 
  • Cell Phones – Keep these at home or in your bag throughout the weekend. Stay off of Social Media, Texting, Internet Surfing, etc. 
  • Personal Vehicles – If you are 16+ and you must have your vehicle, you can only drive it from the church to the host home on Friday night and back to the church on Sunday Morning. (Only exception is if your parent filled out a time away form in advance) No carrying other students in these trips for liability sake.
  • Midnight Bedtime. We can’t force you to close your eyes & go to sleep, but at midnight you need to be where you are going to sleep and lights need to be off. 
  • No Profanity. Word always gets back to us who thinks it’s a bright idea to use profanity…..Use words that honor God all the time; especially at DNOW. 
  • No knives or firearms.
  • No Alcohol, Tobacco, Vapor Products, or Drugs. If you are found with any tobacco, nicotine, vapor products, alcohol, and the like, you WILL be sent home and future trips (Choir Tour, Youth Camp, Etc) will be in jeapordy. 
  • Clothing worn at DNOW should be modest and appropriate (length, message,etc).
  • When riding in a group leader’s car or a church vehicle, don’t fit more people than seatbelts.
  • When riding in a group leader’s car or a church vehicle, you must wear a seatbelt.
  • There may be rules we didn’t list…..but just because something isn’t written out doesn’t mean it’s fair game. If you don’t think you should do it, you probably shouldn’t.