What is the Afghanistan Resettlement and how does it affect our FBC Family?

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Several months ago, we learned of an opportunity through Samaritan’s Purse (the same organization that does Operation Christmas Child, led by Franklin Graham) to aid in the resettlement of refugees from the crisis in Afghanistan. The US Government reached out to Samaritan’s Purse recognizing that churches could be a vital link to show kindness and compassion to those that have fled from devastating situations in Afghanistan.

FBC is partnering with Samaritan’s Purse to help resettle a single family from Afghanistan that has fled a terrible situation. We are committed for ninety-days to help and extend Christ-like love and hands-on kindness to this family, which includes locating housing, assisting them in finding employment, learning how to grocery shop and go to school, as well as maintaining simple life skills. Samaritan’s Purse receives funding from the government that they pass along to the church to assist in each of these endeavors. Over many weeks, Brian Gay has formed a wonderful team that will assist with each of these needs. They have met together alongside Samaritan’s Purse representatives to ensure we are prepared. This is a short-term and urgent need that is being spearheaded by a small group we’re calling the Afghanistan Resettlement Team. Our team is made up of: Brian Gay, Cecil and Ruth McKinney, Jay Tidwell, Mike and Pam Newman, Carolyn Bryan, Jane Ferguson, James Whitehead, Ben Kelley, and Larry Gay. These wonderful folks are the primary ones who will assist this family and connect with them. Anyone is invited to help alongside them as needs arise!

Absolutely. For many years, our church has shown Christ-like love and kindness to those of every tribe, tongue, and nation. On Thursdays (pre-COVID and fire), you could walk through the hallways to see the nations represented while learning English. Countless volunteers have poured their lives into showing Jesus to these precious souls who do not yet know Jesus. The Great Commission of going and making disciples sometimes comes right to our own back yard. This is one of those opportunities that our team can join.

There is no doubt this has been a tremendously difficult year, but I believe this is a critical opportunity that our church is uniquely equipped to handle well. The Afghan family, who we will help settle, is fully vetted by several agencies in the federal government. They are fully legal to be here in the United States. As refugees, they have fled from unthinkable circumstances, horrible persecution, and Taliban rule. They likely will not be Christians, but they will be shown (probably for the first time) the love of Jesus. This is an urgent need in our country and an opportunity for FBC to be a leader to other churches in our city and state.

We believed it would be several more weeks, if not a month or more, before we received a family to assist; however, with the urgent need and the swiftness of our wonderful FBC Volunteer Team stepping up, we could receive a family to assist in the next week or two. As soon as they arrive, we will greet them and begin showing them what it means to know Jesus through word and deed. I couldn’t be more excited!

Families are currently residing at military bases within the United States and are being screened and have begun to receive basic services.

The government gives funds to Samaritan’s Purse that is passed to the local church assisting the refugee family. We will help the family utilize those funds wisely as they seek a home, groceries, and basic needs. Our own Caring Center is also a vessel/resource for us as we furnish and settle them. For many years, we have had a line item in our missions causes designated account for refugee needs that we could utilize if needed. However, our goal is to get them settled into a home and job during the first 90 days. Past that time period, we hope to continue loving and caring for them, but also strive for them to be self-sufficient.

We are partnering with Samaritan’s Purse for this project, not the US Government. We will receive the funds to help this family through Samaritan’s Purse, not the US Government. We will be accountable to Samaritan’s Purse, but not to the US Government. The US Government has reached out to Samaritan’s Purse because of the great need and great reputation that Samaritan’s Purse has nationally and internationally.

1. You can pray. Our greatest prayer is for this family to know Jesus and for us to show Jesus to them.

2. You can reach out to Brian Gay for current needs. If you have household goods that could make their home feel like home, I’m sure those would be appreciated.

There are a few articles than can be helpful from IMB  and Baptist Press. 2021 Southern Baptist Convention took place prior to the troop pullout in Afghanistan; however, during the Syrian Refugee Crisis in 2016, a resolution was passed regarding the refugee crisis that would be very similar to this one.