On Sunday evenings in May, our church will focus on missions in and around Montgomery. Use these days to be creative and share Jesus with your neighbors.


  • Get your Bible Fellowship Group together for a service opportunity.
  • Make some sweet treats for your local firefighters or police officers.
  • Invite a neighbor over for a meal/dessert or take dessert over to a neighbor.
  • Write letters of encouragement to our in-home ministry members.
  • Shop to fill the shelves of FBC’s Caring Center with food.
  • Clean out closets to donate clothes to FBC’s Caring Center.
  • Prayer walk a public area (local school, park, church, shopping center).
  • Create homeless care packs to keep in the car as you see people in need.
  • Write letters of encouragement and prayer to our FBC Church Planting partners. (PDF of FBC Church Planters)
  • Take a walk around the block and intentionally greet neighbors and talk.
  • Get your Bible Fellowship Group together for a fellowship at someone’s home.
  • Volunteer with prison ministry.
  • Visit our in-home ministry members.
  • Reach out to a Bible Fellowship member that has been absent and invite to dinner.