Employment Opportunities

Director of Garden Ministry

Position Report To: Minister of FBC Community Ministries

Position Description: Community Ministries is seeking an experienced gardener and community engager to share God’s edible ministry.  The ideal candidate for this position likes working with people of all backgrounds and has an interest in supporting community gardeners in their abilities to grow healthy, fresh food while sharing the love of Jesus. Director of the Garden Ministry must be able to cultivate and maintain community partnerships, plan special events pertaining to the garden, and oversee the 2.5 acre garden site.       

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Manage all aspects of the garden ministry
  2. Create and implement an annual work plan
  3. Coordinate and facilitate planning meetings to set goals, design, build upon and maintain the garden
  4. Recruit and oversee garden volunteers in basic garden tasks and interacting with community gardeners  
  5. Hire and supervise the Garden Steward in work to be accomplished
  6. Recruit gardeners through community outreach (neighbors, churches, non-profits)
  7. Plan and conduct garden orientations for community gardeners
  8. Support gardeners in learning garden practices
  9. Establish and maintain participant tracking information
  10. Collect and retain signed guidelines from gardeners 
  11. Purchase and coordinate garden resources (supplies, plants, seeds and tools)
  12. Seek in-kind donations and services (plants, seeds, pruning, etc.)
  13. Manage the maintenance of garden equipment (tractor, mower, walk-in cooler, water system, etc.)
  14. Deal pro-actively with any issues that arise within the garden (vandalism, theft, animal control, broken faucets, and other disruptions to garden activity)
  15. Coordinate and handle logistics of events pertaining to the garden (u-Pick, church groups, school groups, etc.)                    
  16. Cultivate and maintain community partnerships (non-profits, corporate, schools, Montgomery Baptist Association, etc.)
  17. Create and maintain church-approved garden budget
  18. Attend quarterly meetings and provide written reports to Community Ministries
  19. Document community engagement and ongoing work at the garden with photos, videos, etc.
  20. Maintain social media presence by providing photos and information from the garden ministry.


Other Requirements:

  1. Ability to do manual labor and be able to work in all weather conditions (heat and cold)
  2. Ability to work in an English-as-a-foreign-language environment 



  1. Twenty-hours per week March – September (4 hours per day Tues.-Sat.) Flexible hours as needed – October-February.  
  2. Responsible for assisting, organizing, and maintaining tutoring lists, materials, correspondence, and volunteers. 


By Email:

Viki Brant, Minister of Community Ministries


By Mail:

FBC Community Ministries Inc.
Attn: Viki Brant
305 South Perry Street
Montgomery, AL 36104