Employment Opportunities

Director of Caring Center

FBC Community Ministries Caring Center Director

Supervised by and responsible to the Minister of Community Ministries 


A. Recruit, train, and coordinate Caring Center volunteers to help maintain the daily operations of the Caring Center in order to meet the needs of clients and the mission of the ministry 

  • Provide ongoing recruitment of volunteers to serve weekly at the Caring Center 
  • Recruit groups and/or individuals to volunteer for special service projects/work days throughout the year 
  • Provide orientation training to all new volunteers 
  • Provide quarterly training/gatherings for all volunteers 
  • Maintain policies of procedures for volunteers serving in the Caring Center 
  • Provide daily guidance to volunteers in the workroom, clothing shop, and food shop 
  • Manage the scheduling of volunteers to provide adequate coverage the Caring Center services 


B. Responsible for opening and closing the Caring Center during operating hours 

  • Report any maintenance that is needed for the upkeep of the Caring Center 
  • Make sure the building is secure 
  • Report any incidents/accidents that may occur to the Minister of Community Ministries 
  • Communicate with housekeeping in regard to the cleaning needs of the center 


C. Manage food and financial assistance program 

  • Oversee Montgomery Food Bank orders, pickups/delivery, payments, and monitoring requirements 
  • Responsible for staying within the allotted budget each month for benevolence expenditures (food/financial support) 
  • Coordinate with partners/case managers from other organizations to assist in providing financial assistance and other Caring Center services to clients 
  • Stay abreast of community services available to clients and assist in connecting clients to available resources as appropriate 


D. Maintain up-to-date records for properly reporting the provision of client services and center operations including clothes shop clients, food clients, financial assistance, volunteers, and volunteer hours 

  • Follow all Food Bank requirements for reporting and maintaining Food Bank privileges 
  • Maintain records of all clients for shopping, food and financial assistance according to established procedures 
  • Enter client service information into Charity Tracker following established procedures 
  • Review and update policies and procedures as needed for reporting 


E. Facilitate quarterly meetings of the Caring Center Advisory Board (CCAB) 

  • Ensure the CCAB has an appropriate number of representatives following the Community Ministry Bylaws 
  • Schedule quarterly meetings of the CCAB according to established dates by the Chair of the Community Ministries Board 
  • Provide timely communication with CCAB members, the Community Ministries Board, and the Minister of Community Ministries regarding meetings of the CCAB 
  • Provide timely reports as related to the needs of CCAB 

F. Provide required quarterly reporting to the Community Ministries Board and Minister of Community Ministries and other reports as requested 

  • Compile written quarterly reports for board meetings 
  • Share oral reports with the board as requested during board meetings 
  • Submit other necessary reports as requested or required by the board or Minister of Community Ministries 


G. Serve as a Field Instructor for Social Work interns for the Caring Center 

  • Communicate with local area Schools of Social Work to recruit interns to serve in the Caring Center (time may be shared with the Nehemiah Center to acquire the mandatory amount of field education hours and to provide interns with a broad range of social work field education) 
  • Provide training and supervision to interns so the needs of the Caring Center and the requirements of the internship are met 
  • Provide reports and attend meetings as necessary to fulfill the role of field instructor for the associated academic institution 


H. Attend meetings, training, and conferences as necessary to represent Community Ministries, the Caring Center and/or learn about resources and other social services in the area 

  • Provide information booths at mission fairs/trade shows to share information about the Caring Center and its needs 
  • Attend community ministry meetings and network with other community organizations 
  • Attend social work discipline meetings/job fairs to assist in sharing about the Caring Center, provide continuing education, and aid in the recruitment of social work interns 


I. Other responsibilities for special projects or events may be assigned as necessary. 


Time required: 40 hours per week 


  1. At least a BS in Social Work with 2 years of social work experience 
  2. A calling to ministry 
  3. A loving, caring spirit 
  4. A compassion for the poor 
  5. Be an active member at FBCM or become an active member at FBCM


By Email:

Charles Hamilton, Community Ministries Executive Director


By Mail:

FBC Community Ministries Inc.
Attn: Charles Hamilton
305 South Perry Street
Montgomery, AL 36104