Facilities facilitate ministries! So it is time for us to create some new and improved facilities that will enable us to be more effective servants of King Jesus. 

In 2017-2018, we created and adopted a facilities analysis plan. We dove deep into an examination of the 372,000 square feet of buildings that comprise our campus. Our team of 17 friends plus the church staff prayerfully asked the question: What is the best use of our facilities that will produce the maximum Kingdom Impact? These prayerful and careful considerations yielded four objectives.
  1. Remodel adult classrooms on the 5th and 6th floors of the main building to give us a capacity for 420 people to facilitate disciple-making.
  2. Grow our International Ministry by reconfiguring the Miller building to facilitate this vital ministry. 
  3. Transform the media center by the sanctuary to an open welcome center to facilitate fellowship. 
  4. Create a new Caring Center. Our Community Ministries is the heart of FBC. We meet a vast array of needs for God’s children. This Ministry impacts tens of thousands of lives. Twenty years ago, we acquired the old First Presbyterian facility and we’ve used it effectively. However, the buildings are deteriorating, and they are a maintenance “money pit.” After three years of study, we determined our best option is to build a new facility that will enable Community Ministries to expand and effectively touch even more people in the future with the love and light of Jesus Christ.
After much prayerful and careful study, the plans have been created and it’s time to invite our wonderful church family to provide the funding for these projects that will facilitate God’s work at FBC for decades to come. Seek God’s guidance regarding how you can financially support this exciting opportunity to serve King Jesus by ministering more effectively to more of His children.

It boils down to this truth: Will you give your minimum or MAXIMUM? Jesus gave His best and most for us, so we are compelled to give our best and most for Him.

Join us in using your earthly resources to make an eternal difference as we BUILDTOGETHER!