Weddings at FBC

With the exception of your relationship to Christ your Lord, your wedding is the beginning of the most lasting relationship you will ever have. For this reason, the wedding should be as meaningful an occasion as can be and as free from turmoil and misunderstanding as possible.

At First Baptist Montgomery, the wedding ceremony is sacred and of great spiritual significance. All of the plans relating to the ceremony should bear this fact in mind.

The items listed here are to remind you of some of the details that need your attention in order to minimize stress in order for your wedding to be a time of joy for the bride, groom, parents, wedding party, relatives and guests. All information has been compiled and adopted by the staff of First Baptist Montgomery in order to offer you the greatest assistance possible as you plan your wedding. Your careful consideration of each detail will insure a smooth and beautiful ceremony of which you will always be proud.

When selecting a date for the wedding, the bride and groom are advised that the date is tentative until approval is granted on the church calendar and, in the case of  a non-church member, until a deposit is made. The deposit is refundable up to 90 days prior to the wedding. All checks should be made payable to First Baptist Church.

If you have any questions regarding this information or any other part of the planning of your wedding, please call the Wedding Coordinator or the Pastor’s Ministry Assistant at 334.834.6310.