Wedding Receptions

Responsibility of First Baptist Montgomery

Reservations for the wedding reception should be made through the Pastor’s Secretary at the time the wedding arrangements are made.

It is not recommended that food for the reception be cooked in the church kitchen. However, if this becomes necessary, please notify the church the week before the wedding. (This is for your safety since our stoves and ovens are considerably larger and more complex than most cooking equipment.)

Our refrigerators and freezers have limited space available. Prior arrangements must be made through the wedding coordinator.

If the kitchen is needed for the reception, a member of the Kitchen Staff will be on hand to open and close the kitchen and to answer questions about the kitchen facilities and equipment. This individual will oversee the operation of the kitchen only and will not be available to perform work requested by the caterer or wedding party.

The Housekeeping Staff is not available to assist in unloading or loading wedding materials, to assist in food preparation or kitchen clean-up.

Responsibility of the Caterer

The caterer will provide his or her own equipment with the exception of the banquet tables (six foot rectangular tables and 60 inch round tables) which are available at the church. The caterer will also provide enough manpower to handle his or her needs.

It is the responsibility of the caterer to leave the kitchen clean and straight, including the floors. Detergent and dishcloths are not provided by the church.