Volunteer Opportunities

Evangelism (E)  •  Prophet (PH)  •  Teacher (T)  •  Exhorter/Encourager (EX)
Pastor/Shepherd (P/S)  •  Mercy (M)  •  Serving (S)  •  Giving (G)  •  Administration (A)


Contact Nancie McQueen (241.5166)
Bible Fellowship Department Director (A, EX, P/S)
Bible Fellowship Teacher (T, EX, PH)
Bible Fellowship Quarterly Teacher (T, EX, PH)
Bible Fellowship Secretary (A)
Substitute Bible Fellowship Teacher (T, EX, PH)
VBS Department Director (A, EX, P/S)
VBS Teacher (T, EX, PH)
VBS Volunteer (T, S, EX)
Paid Childcare Teacher (t, EX)
Worship Care Volunteer (S, M)
Mission Friends Teacher (T, EX)


Contact Russell McCrory (241.5163)
Bible Fellowship Director (A, EX, P/S)
Bible Fellowship Teacher (T, EX, PH)
Youth Camp Volunteer (S, EX, P/S)
DiscipleNow Volunteer (S, A, G, P/S)
Event Chaperone (S, EX, P/S)
Van Drivers (S)
College Campus Outreach/Inreach Volunteer (A, S)
College Events Volunteer (A, S)


Contact Chuck Ashley (241.5161)
Bible Fellowship Department Director (A, EX, P/S)
Bible Fellowship Teacher (T, EX, PH)
Bible Fellowship Secretary (A)
Bible Fellowship Outreach Leader (E, EX)
Bible Fellowship Inreach Leader (P/S, M, A)
Bible Fellowship Fellowship Leader (S, A)
Bible Fellowship Prayer Leader (M, PH, EX)
Discipleship Class Facilitator (T, EX, PH)
Training Teacher Facilitator (T, EX, PH)

Pastoral Care

Contact Jay Wolf (241.5120)
Grief Ministry (M, EX, S)
Hospital Visitor (M, ES, P/S)
Usher (S, EX)
Prayer Room Volunteer (S, EX, M)

Contact Kenny Hoomes (241.5182)
In-Home Ministry Visitor (M, S, G, EX)
Small Maintenance & Repair Team (S, G)


Contact Patty Roper (241.5133)
Sunday Greeter (S, EX)
Sunday Registration Desk Greeter (S, A, EX)
Visitor Caller (E, S, P/S)
ABC Leader (T, A, E)
ABC Participant (E)
Membership Information Class Volunteer (P/S, A, EX)

Special Ministries

Contact Patty Roper (241.5133)
Interpreter for the Deaf (S, EX, M)
Bible Fellowship Teacher for the Deaf (T, EX, PH)
Visually Impaired Ministry Volunteer (S, EX, M)
Van Driver for the Visually Impaired Ministry (S)


Contact Patty Roper (241.5133)
Event Volunteer (S, A)
Food Service Volunteer (S)


Contact Brian Gay (241.5131)
International Mission Team Volunteer (E, G)
US Mission Team Volunteer (E, G)
Women's Missionary Union (E, S, G)
Women on Mission (E, S, G)
Block Party Volunteer (E, G, S, M, EX)
Prayer Walkers (S, EX, M)


Contact Patti Shoemaker (241.5181)
Sanctuary Care Volunteer (S)
Beacon Mailing Volunteer (S)
General Mailing Volunteer (S)
General Office Assistant (S, A)
Receptionist Volunteer (S, M, E)


Contact Glen Leathers (241.5164)
Children's Bible Drill Encourager (EX)
Children's Worship Coordinator (A, T, EX)
Children's Worship Volunteer (T, EX, S)
Children's Discipleship Teacher (T, EX, S, A)
GA Leader (A, T, EX)
RA Leader (A, T, EX)
Resource/Supply Room Coordinator (S, A)
Bible Fellowship Department Director (A, EX, P/S)
Bible Fellowship Secretary/Greeter (EX, A)
Bible Fellowship Teacher (T, EX, PH)
VBS Teacher/Volunteer (T, S)
Van Drivers for Children's Activities (S)

Single Adult

Contact Kathy Cooper (241.5125)
Bible Fellowship Director (A, EX, P/S)
Bible Fellowship Teacher (T, EX, PH)
Bible Fellowship Secretary (A)
Fellowship Coordinator (S, A)
Inreach Coordinator (A, P/S, M)
Outreach Coordinator (E, EX, A)
Event Coordinator (S, A)
Bible Fellowship Greeter (S, A, EX)
Week Night Bible Study Leader (T, EX, PH)

Senior Adult

Contact Kenny Hoomes (241.5182)
Senior Adult Council Class Representative (A, S)
Senior Adult Ministry Volunteer (S, P/S)
Van Driver for Senior Adult Activities (S, M)

Worship Ministry

Contact Ed Cleveland (241.5150)
Sanctuary Choir (ALL)
One Voice Senior High Choir (ALL)
Reflections Ensemble (ALL)
Orchestra Member (ALL)
Living Christmas Tree Volunteer (ALL)

Contact Ed Cleveland (241.5153)
One Heart Jr. High Choir (ALL)
One Heart Jr. High Choir Worker (ALL)
Older Children's Choir (ALL)
Older Children's Choir Worker (ALL)
Graded Children's Choirs (ALL)
Graded Children's Choirs Workers (ALL)

Contact Kenny Hoomes (241.5182)
JOY Singers Senior Adult Choir (ALL)

Contact Gwen Keene (241.5185)
Sanctuary Handbells (ALL)


Contact Amanda Smith (241.5122)
Sound Technician (S)
Lighting Technician (S)
A/V Technician (S)
Camera Operator (S)
Audio Production Volunteer (S)
Video Production Volunteer (S)
Editing Volunteer (S)
CD/DVD Reproduction Volunteer (S)


Contact Chuck Ashley (241.5161)
Church-wide Recreational Events Volunteer (S, A)
Softball Coaches (EX)
Basketball Coaches (EX)

Community Ministries

Contact Jane Ferguson (241.5141)
GED Program Volunteer (EX, S)
Mentor (EX, S, T)
AIDS Care Team Member (EX, S, G, M)
Children's Learning Center Volunteers (A, S, EX, M)
ESL Volunteer (S, EX, T)
International Bible Fellowship Teacher (T, EX, PH)
Angel Tree Volunteer (S, A, G, M)
Tutoring Program Volunteer (T, EX, P/S)
Mom's Program Volunteer (S, EX, G, M)
Santa's Workshop Volunteer (S, A, G)
Van Drivers for Community Ministries (T, S, EX, G, M)

Contact Judy Nuss (241.5144)
Clothing Shop Volunteer (S, EX, M, G)
Food Shop Volunteer (S, EX, M, G)
Receptionist/Registration Volunteer (A, S, EX, M, G)

Contact Susan West (272.7057)
Conversational English Teacher (T, EX)

Contact Ken Brothers (261.3318)
Prison Ministry Volunteer (EX, M, P/S, T)

Contact Rhonda Thompson (538.6161)
Nehemiah Center Volunteer (T, S, EX, G, M)