Music Requirements

A marriage is an ordinance of God and its solemnization at the altar is a placing of the marriage relationship under the blessing and commandment of God. A church wedding should be a worship service and only worshipful music should be used. Because it is a service of worship, the church wedding is no place for secular love songs.

The Music

All music to be used at the ceremony must be approved by the church organist or by the Minister of Music.

Since the traditional wedding marches are secular, the current trend is to use stately, dignified music of a praise nature. However, the traditional wedding marches may be used.

A consultation with the organist should take place at least 30 days before the ceremony. At that time, the music for the Processional and Recessional will be discussed. Vocal music literature can also be discussed at this time. (Discussions last approximately 40 minutes.)

The hymnal is a good source book for vocal wedding music. However, any good standard sacred music may be used as a vocal wedding selection. These selections must also be approved by the organist or Minister of Music.

Taped music is not recommended for any part of the sanctuary or chapel wedding ceremony.

The Organ

We recommend that you use First Baptist Church’s organist. If any outside organist is used, it must be someone who is familiar with pipe organs.

The organist will select the music to be played before the ceremony unless the couple has other appropriate selections they desire. Standard organ literature or hymn arrangements are to be used. If the piano is used in the ceremony, the same music literature standards apply.