International Missions

If you interested in going on a mission project with First Baptist Montgomery please fill out the FBC Mission Volunteer Application online. If this is your first time applying online you will be asked to setup an account. Applications will be reviewed by the Minister of Missions and Team Leader before approval.

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EJAMAT people of Senegal  ::  Ongoing

Description: First Baptist Montgomery has embraced the Ejamat people of Senegal. This people group had been previously unengaged with the gospel until we have accepted responsibility to create a strategy for reaching this West African people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We saw God do amazing things among the Ejamat in 2012. Now we look forward to continuing to facilitate the growth of the new church as we pray for a church planting movement to begin among the Ejamat people.

When: June 2-11
Team Leader: John Halbrooks (531.5774 or
Volunteers Needed: 4-8
Cost: $650 plus airfare (Approximately $1950 total)

When: November 11-19
Team Leader: Viki Brant (467.4449 or
Volunteers Needed: 4-8 
Cost: $650 plus airfare (Approximately $1950 total)

Haiti  ::  Ongoing

Contact: Sarah McCrory (740.1612 or
Description: These teams will work with Children’s Hope to minister to our children and the people in the Jacmel or Jeremie areas. The teams vary in focus from dental/medical to education to construction to evangelism. Jacmel, on the southern coast, has been the focal area of the ministry which has included our Children’s home, church schools, and mission house. Jeremie/Anse du Clerc is located on the western tip of Haiti and is in need of mission teams traveling to this more distant area.

When: May 27-June 1 (Jacmel)
Trip Type: Family Mission Project
Team Leaders: Ken & Stephanie Peavy (Stephanie: 315.0654 or Ken: 782.0215)
Volunteers needed: 16
Cost: $700-800+airfare (Approximately $1600 total) 

When: August 12-18 (Anse du Clerc)
Trip Type: Medical
Team Leader: John Bush (201.9493 or
Volunteers needed: 10
Cost: $800+Airfare (Approximately $1400 total)

When: October 21-28 (Jeremie/Anse du Clerc)
Trip Type: Evangelism/Discipleship
Team Leader: Jared McCrory (740.1673 or
Volunteers needed: 5
Cost: $825+airfare (Approximately $1525 total)

Cuba  ::  Ongoing

Where: Baptist Camp
When: August 5-12
Team Leader: Viki Brant (467.4449 or
Volunteers Needed: 6
Cost: $900 + Airfare (Approximately $1400 total)
Description: This mission will be helping with a summer retreat for young adults (ages 20-24). The retreat will be held at the Baptist Camp, located in the beautiful Yumuri Valley. Team members making this trip will be working with the retreat leaders from the Western Cuba Baptist Convention and activities might involve cleaning tables and washing dishes, or giving your testimony, or helping with activities.

Central Asia  ::  Ongoing

Contact: Brian Gay (220.4402)
Volunteers Needed: Open
Cost: TBD based on location
Description: The Zaza are an unreached people group located in Central Asia. With Diaspora throughout Europe and even here in the United States, opportunities exist to reach out to the Zaza both here in the US and in Europe/Central Asia.

Honduras  ::  July 9-16
Team Leader: Jarrod Williams (318.3305 or
Volunteers Needed: 15-20
Cost: $775 + airfare (Approximately $1625 total)
Description: This team will go and support the existing work of Forgotten Children’s Ministry. The team will perform outreach to communities with food/bibles and sharing the gospel.

Brazil  ::  July 8-22 (option for July 8-16)

Team Leader:  Bill Lambert (277.3204 or
Volunteers Needed: 8
Cost: $700 ($375 for one week) + airfare (Approximately $1500) + passport and visa as needed (Approximately $2200 total)
Description: This team will help with construction work on a church building, VBS for local children and youth activities.

Guatemala  ::  August 5-12

Team Leader: Steven Faulkner (491.0727 or
Volunteers Needed: 8 well drillers, 3 hygiene instructors
Cost: $1500
Description: This team will assist in drilling water wells in a small village without access to clean water. The team will also teach classes in health and hygiene to the children and the women in the village, show the Jesus film, distribute Bibles, and present the gospel through salvation tracts and other means.

Thailand TCK Conference   ::  September 21-30

Team Leader:  John Halbrooks (, 334-531- 5774) or Brian Gay (220.4402,
Volunteers Needed: 15 (total of 50 with all partner churches)
Cost: $650 + airline (approximately $2500)
Description:  Volunteers are needed to lead/teach classes for Kindergarten through 12th grade TCKs. These classes will take place over  three days during a HomeSchooling Conference. Each class will be taught/presented 3-4 times. Not all of the volunteers need to plan/prepare lessons, as many of them will be helpers in the classes.

Japan  ::  TBD

Contact: Katherine Webb (324.6816 or
Volunteers Needed: 6 - 8
Cost: $800 plus airfare (Approximately $2800)
Description: The teams will travel to megacity Nagoya, Japan to work alongside two missionary families in their efforts. The goal will be to work with a church/cell group plant and help find people interested in knowing more about Christ through strategic outreach efforts and community-based events, like: International Friendship Parties, arts & crafts night for kids, campus events, handing out tracts, five-minute English, community outreach and more.

2018 SSA Family Conference::  December 28, 2017 - January 8, 2018

Team Leader: Todd Carmichael (430.5817 or
Volunteers Needed: 10-12
Cost: $1300.00 + airfare (Approximately $3000 total)
Description: contact team leader for details.

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