General Information

For Your Information

In order to avoid confusion, all arrangements for weddings must be made with the Pastor’s Ministry Assistant (834.6347). Saturday weddings must not be scheduled later than 6:00 PM due to the use of the church building on Sunday. Weddings may not be scheduled on holidays or on Sunday. Florists and decorators must work through the Pastor’s Ministry Assistant or the Wedding Coordinator to schedule the time they will set up and prepare for the wedding. NOTE: The building will open four hours prior to the wedding time. No additional time should be necessary for pre-wedding pictures or for bridal party preparation.

All weddings conducted in the First Baptist Church of Montgomery must be performed by one of the church’s ministers or by an ordained minister approved by the church’s senior pastor. NOTE: If one of the ministers of First Baptist Church is performing the wedding ceremony, a premarital conference with the bride and groom and the minister is required. The date and time for this conference will be arranged through the Pastor’s Ministry Assistant.

All weddings held at First Baptist Montgomery require the services of the Church Wedding Coordinator. This is to assure that everything is in order and that all needs of both the church and the wedding party are met.

Facilities available:
For Wedding Ceremony
    ?    Main Sanctuary (seating approximately 1500)
    ?    Stakely Sanctuary (seating approximately 600)
    ?    Courtyard (seating approximately 75)
    ?    Parlor (seating approximately 50)
For Wedding Reception
    ?    Fellowship Hall  (capacity of 700; seated capacity of 500)
    ?    Courtyard (capacity of 150)

First Baptist Church is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Fee charges for building use and personnel are listed on the Wedding Information Sheet.

For The Rehearsal

NOTE: The Church’s Wedding Coordinator will attend both the rehearsal and the wedding. She will direct the wedding unless another director is desired. Each bride will have a scheduled meeting with the coordinator.

One hour will be allotted for each wedding rehearsal. If the starting time is delayed due to late arrivals, the rehearsal will be shortened accordingly.

All members of the immediate wedding party (honor attendants, bridesmaids and groomsmen) should attend the rehearsal. Ushers should also attend, as they will receive special instructions at that time. Parents and grandparents of the bride and groom are encouraged to attend. If a child is to be part of the wedding party, it is suggested that he or she be at least five years of age.

For The Wedding and Afterward

The Bride’s Room off the Parlor is available for the ladies to dress. If the men require a dressing area, they will use the 5th floor of the Education Building.

No Flash Photographs will be taken during the ceremony, except at the entrance and exit of the bride. Timed exposures without flash from the balcony are permissible.  Pictures may be taken before guests arrive or the wedding party may return to the alter after the ceremony for pictures. However, the use of a video camera during the wedding must be confined to the balcony.

No Smoking will be allowed within the church building or on the church property at rehearsal, wedding or reception.

No Alcoholic Beverages will be allowed on the church property.  No Person under the influence of alcohol will be permitted to participate in the wedding.

The throwing of the anything such as rice, confetti, flower petals, potpourri, birdseed, etc., will not be allowed because this endangers the safety of those who are using the halls and sidewalks and adds to the work of the Housekeeping Staff.