Florists and Decorators


NOTE: Elaborate decorations are not necessary in either of our sanctuaries or chapel. However, the amount of decorations used is decided by the bride within the framework of the policies set forth by First Baptist Church.
A definite time for decorating must be arranged with the Pastor’s Ministry Assistant or the Wedding Coordinator. The florist may decorate on Friday before the wedding, if the sanctuary is available. Otherwise, the florist may get into the sanctuary on Saturday up to four hours before the time of the wedding. The florist must decorate within the allotted time scheduled. If it is determined more time is needed, there will be an additional charge.

The individual or family scheduling the wedding will be held liable for any damages to the carpet, furniture or building. First Baptist Church reserves the right to restrict the privileges of any florist to decorate who violates these regulations.

Protective coverings must be under plants, flowers or candles used outside the choir rails to keep from damaging the carpet.

Only spring-loaded (mechanical or paradise) candles may be used. First Baptist has brass candle snuffers available for lighting and extinguishing the candles.

The florist must remove the decorations immediately following the ceremony. It is the responsibility of the florist to bring a staff large enough to do so. The Housekeeping Staff is not responsible for assisting the florist.


No tacks, tape, nails, pins, or wires may be attached to any furniture or woodwork in the sanctuary or chapel.

No candles, plants, or decorations may be placed on any of the musical instruments.

*NOTE: At Christmas...After the sanctuary has been decorated for Christmas, the decorations must not be altered. Any decorations you plan must include those already in the sanctuary.