Ejamat March 2016 from First Baptist Church Montgomery on Vimeo.

Thank you for your interest in the Ejamat people. 

FBC embraced the Ejamat people in 2012, and since that time we have seen God move in powerful ways among this people group. 

Today, in the Ejamat village of Effoc, there is a thriving church with over 50 people meeting regularly for worship.  Additionally, members of the church in Effoc, are now helping to start another church in the nearby Ejamat village of Youtou.

There are several ways that you can be involved with the Ejamat people. Specifically, you can Pray, Give or Go. 


Everyone can pray for the Ejamat, but we do have special times of prayer on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm in the missions office. Contact briang@montgomeryfbc.org for more information
Current prayer requests: 
- Please pray for the Ejamat people to continue to grow and multiply
- Pray for the two year long StoryTogether training which will begin on April 25th, 2016
- Pray against persecution of the Ejamat believers


The greatest need for funding right now is the StoryTogether training hosted by the International Mission Board (IMB). Please visit this page to learn more:


If you are interested in going on a mission project with First Baptist Montgomery, please fill out the FBC Mission Volunteer Application online. If this is your first time applying online, you will be asked to setup an account. Applications will be reviewed by the Minister of Missions and the Team Leader before approval.

When: March 9-18
Team Leader: Brian Gay (220.4402 or briang@montgomeryfbc.org)
Volunteers Needed: 4-8
Cost: $650 plus airfare (Approximately $1950 total)

When: June 2-11
Team Leader: John Halbrooks (531.5774 or halbrooksj@gmail.com)
Volunteers Needed: 4-8
Cost: $650 plus airfare (Approximately $1950 total)

When: November 11-19
Team Leader: Viki Brant (467.4449 or vbrant@knology.net)
Volunteers Needed: 4-8 
Cost: $650 plus airfare (Approximately $1950 total)

Click here to see a video from 2013

Click here to see stories and videos about the Ejamat people produced by the IMB in 2014.

Thank you for praying for the Ejamat people, remember that prayer is not part of our strategy, 
prayer IS our strategy

Ejamat Woman