Discipleship Classes

For more information on these discipleship classes, contact Chuck Ashley.  

Christian Living 

Return to Mayberry

Sundays, January 14 through April 29  |  5:00 PM  |  B405 
Join us for an hour of fun as we revisit some of the most classic episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” and glean spiritual lessons for everyday life. Facilitated by Doug & Lori Rogers

Disciple-Maker Mentor Training Training

Sundays, January 14 through April 29  |  5:00 PM  |  B416

Disciple-Maker is a program designed to train disciples to disciple others. This program will walk individuals through the discipleship process and prepare them to be paired with a new believer or new member for one-on one discipleship. To sign up, contact Ken Webb at kewebbsr@gmail.com or 462.5800. Multiple Facilitators


Sundays, January 14 through March 18  |  4:30 PM  |  413
This course will help you discern the spiritual condition of those you meet and prepare you to better share the gospel using our ABC tract. Join us for refreshments on January 14 to learn more about this class. Facilitated by Jay Wolf, Kenny Hoomes & Mark Bethea

End Times

Sundays, January 14 through April 8  |  5:00 PM  |  B415
Come learn about God’s plan of redemption for the nation of Israel and the “nations” based on Biblical prophecies and promises found throughout scripture. We will also provide the sequence of end-time events based solely on God’s Word. Facilitated by Steve Langer

Grief Share

Sundays, January 14 through March 18  |  5:00 PM  |  B412
Grief is an experience all people share. GriefShare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand grief and want to help. GriefShare resources and the support that is offered will help you in learning to live with grief and rebuilding a vision for your life. Facilitated by Alice Vaughn & David Fleming

Ladies Bible Studies 

Covenant, God's Enduring Promises

Tuesdays, January 9 through January 30  |  9:30 AM  |  Bell Chapel     
This Kay Arthur video study shows us how the scarlet thread of God’s covenant with man is woven throughout very book of the Bible.  It reveals God’s love, His order, and sheds light on the Old Testament.  It demonstrates how the Old and New Testament fit together to tell one complete story. Facilitated by Nancy Burt

Discerning the Voice of God

Sundays, January 14 through February 25  |  5:00 PM  |  443
This 7 week study by Priscilla Shirer provides participants with practical help in knowing what you hear is from God.  No blessing surpasses a relationship with God when you know He’s specifically calling you.  Through this dynamic study, you will become more familiar with God’s Holy Spirit, His character, language and tone of voice. Facilitated by Kathy Cooper

The Patriarchs (Beth Moore)

Tuesdays, February 6 through May 8  |  9:30 AM  |  Bell Chapel
Come encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in this study of Genesis, the book of beginnings. In this Beth Moore video study, you will discover God’s pursuit of relationship with man, and marvel as His plan to bless all people unfolds. Facilitated by Nancy Burt

Marriage & Family Bible Studies 

The Heart of Family with Kirk & Chelsea Cameron

Wednesdays, January 10 through April 25  |  5:45 PM  |  B402
This class mirrors the schedule for Children’s Choirs.  The Heart Of  Family is an interactive course designed to share the principles that Kirk and Chelsea have learned in over 25 years of marriage and parenting. They are solid, biblically-based, and faith-filled. This isn’t a self-help seminar. This is about bringing the lessons God has taught them to you. Facilitated by Chuck Ashley


Wednesdays, January 10 through April 25  |  6:40 PM  |  B405
Find help and healing in the hurt of separation and divorce. This class is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone. Seminar will feature videos of top experts on divorce and recovery followed by support group discussion. Facilitated by Kathy Cooper

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Second and Fourth Tuesdays  |  9:30 AM  |  B112
Join us for exciting speakers and activities that will help you be a better Mom. Childcare provided (Rooms B204, B211, B212). Facilitated by Tiffany Dantzler

Miscellaneous Offerings 

Mission Trip Preparation

Sundays, January 21 through February 25  |  5:00 PM  |  B401
Short-term mission trips can be a very effective way for you to join in missions work around the world. Interested in going or learning more about going?  This class will focus on the aspects of preparing for a mission project. Topics include; The Basis for Missions, What can I do?, Practical Tips and Tools, Context and Culture and What to do after your return. Facilitated by the Missions Ministry. 


Tuesdays  |  8:00 PM  |  Student Center
Join us for dynamic worship as we lead college students into the presence of the Lord and unpack God’s truth each week. Worship is student-led by Will Spivey and teaching by Justin Law. 

Men’s Bible Study
Mondays  |  5:30 PM  |  410 South Perry
Bring your Bible and join us for a sweet hour of refreshing and reviving prayer, accountability, fellowship and Bible study.

Men’s Bible Study

Fridays  |  6:45 AM  |  413
Join us for a sweet hour of prayer and Bible Study. We study the Bible book by book, one chapter at a time and also have great refreshments every week. Leadership rotates and our pastor is a regular member and leader.