Bible Fellowship Classes

First Baptist Montgomery invites you to get and stay connected! One of the best ways to do that is to join a Bible Fellowship Class. We are certain that you will be blessed being able to share, pray, and learn with others and will have opportunities to grow and minister together as a group.

To find a class that best fits you, please browse through our ministries.

TOP 10 REASONS to join Bible Fellowship Class

(in no particular order)
1. Transformation
We are all on a journey thru life trying to change ourselves to become the person GOD intends us to be. GOD is trying to make us more like Jesus Christ "through prayer and life experiences. Although we may never arrive, we should continue to respond" to GOD's transforming call each and every day of our lives. Join others in this common goal.                               
2. Prayer requests
While you will not be called on to pray out loud, all classes have the privilege of praying for each other and their families and friends. Most classes send emails with their requests to keep everyone up to date. It is a GREAT feeling to experience the POWER and WARMTH of corporate prayers from many in your class!

3. Fellowship
All classes have parties. We call that fellowship which always seem to involve food and more food. Classes have been known to have dinner together at Somer's Grill, watch football games together, or just spend the day together at someone's lake house.

4. Mission projects
More and more classes are going on mission trips together as a class. This makes your first experience in the mission field a lot less "scary" and helps prepare you for future mission trips. FBC is a missions factory and is rapidly approaching one mission trip per week. We are making a Global Impact for GOD.                               
5. Bible Study
Every member of a class receives a FREE quarterly study guide which contains weekly Bible Studies complete with scripture and commentary. Teachers lead the weekly Bible Study with curriculum's such as Explore the Bible together or enjoy another popular curriculum Bible Studies for Life. These are divided into life situtations like Empty Nesters or Young Adults. Following GOD's inerrant and inspired word, we have many examples to help us through life.                               
6. Life Application
Arguably the greatest benefit of Bible Fellowship, is how members scripture gives us day to day guidance even in the 21st Century.                               
7. Christian Friendships
It has been said, "We become the people that we spend time with." Developing friendships with other Christians allows us to become the people God want us to be.

8. Accountability Partners
While it may sound a little scary, accountability partners help keep all of us on the right track. Confidential, honest, open discussions between close friends is healthy.

9. Reality check
Just when you think that no one else has experienced any problems you face, you'll find yourself sitting in the same room with others who've experienced similar problems or worse.                               
10. Pleases GOD
Anytime we read and study GOD's written word for the purpose of living our lives according to HIS ways, GOD is pleased.