Barnabas Ministry

Barnabas (Acts 4:36)

His real name was Joseph, but the disciples called him Mr. Encouragement. Barnabas is symbolic for serving others by asking Jesus for help, encouraging, exhorting to do what is right & true, aiding, and comforting in times of suffering and distress.  Click here for more information on Barnabas. 

FBC Barnabas Mission for the Unemployed

Our Mission is to encourage, support and counsel people in securing a job. We will assist through a process that includes:

  • Prayer
  • Skill, training, and work experience assessment for job qualification
  • Resume assistances
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Interview guidance
  • Finding &  building work connections  

If you are unemployed or under employed and need a job hunting plan we are here to help.  The Barnabas ministry is open to referrals from other churches and community. Call any of our job counselors to secure an appointment. 

Contacts for Barnabas Ministry

John Fleming

Basil Manly

Charles Close