Adult Ministry

Our goal in the Adult Ministry at First Baptist Montgomery is simply to lead people to be more like Christ every day and centers around Ephesians 4:13: "...In the unity of common faith, and knowledge of the Son of God, we arrive at real maturity - the measure of development which is meant by the fullness of Christ." In this realm, each member belongs to a Bible Fellowship class, where emphasis is placed on growing warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through worship, broader though ministry and larger through evangelism. Outstanding Christ-centered Bible study and ministries are offered for young adults and median age adults. Special conferences and seminars are regularly available for the life challenges that confront this age group. In addition to family activities, small group Bible studies and recreational activities for adult men and women are offered throughout the year.

Contacts for the Adult Ministry

Chuck Ashley
Minister to Adults
Beth DeBardeleben
Ministry Assistant

Ty Glassford
Bible Fellowship Director