Adult Bible Fellowship Classes

First Baptist Montgomery members are encouraged to join a Bible Fellowship class. This is one of the best ways to meet people, grow spiritually, and get involved in the life of the church. In the Bible Fellowship classes, which are scheduled each Sunday at 9:45 AM, emphasis is placed on growing warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through worship, broader through ministry and larger through evangelism. A variety of classes are available, so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Young Adults (21-39 years)

Adult 11  |  David Stevens, Director

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Robinson/Bozeman/Kennedy/Stevens/Tankersley
Location: B403
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Martin/McGregor/Castleberry
Location: 443
Description: The Pathfinder Class is made up of married couples with children that range from newborn to ten years old. The goal of our class is to seek, find, and follow God's path for our lives. The Bible fellowship on Sunday morning is supplemented with numerous other optional growth opportunities: a Monday evening women's Bible study, a Tuesday evening men's Bible study, a spring and fall mission trip, monthly socials, and various other inreach and outreach services.
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Warwick
Location: B415
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Donnithorne/Pittman
Location: CLC Break Room


Department/Class: Young Married
Leadership: Williams
Location: B402
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Barrington/Kelley/Sexton
Location: B412
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: McCarthy/Newman/Williams
Location: B405

Department/Class: Young Married
Leadership: Haney/McQueen/Webb
Location: B408

Median Adults (40-65 years)

Adult 08

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Epperson/Wachs/Trotman
Location: Stakely Choir Suite 
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Anderson/Leary/Renner
Location: A401

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Stewart/Manly
Location: 502 Main

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Birchfield
Location: A413

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Bryan/Leary/Norris/Palmer
Location: Fellowship Hall A


Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Seabrook/Monroe
Location: B404
Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Powell
Location: 500 Main

Department/Class: Newly Married
Leadership: Coker/Hamilton
Location: B411

Ungraded Adults

Adult 16  |  Poundstone Class

Department/Class: Men
Leadership: Lyon/Stakely/McGaughey/Harrison/Barrow/Spivey
Location: Huff Building

Adult 17  |  Upgraded Class

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: McLemore
Location: 413
Description: Are you living the "upgraded life"? Maybe you want to start going to Sunday School, maybe you are one who wants more spiritually, or maybe you don't know what you want. Maybe upgrading is what you need. Come, men and women, young and seasoned, and you will be a new creation rising to a higher level in the Spirit of God, a higher level in the Word of God, and a higher level in life.

Adult 18  |  Carolyn Bryan, Director

Department/Class: Internationals
Leadership: Jones/Bryan/Lucas/Vongphachanh/West/Brant/Alfords/Williams/Robinson
Location: Huff Building
Description: Internationals are welcome and can feel comfortable studying English and the Bible with us. We offer several levels of English/Bible study for the beginning to the fluent English speakers. Thai and Lao internationals will find the Bible taught in their languages. We understand and welcome language and cultural differences. We enjoy a cross-cultural mix of many nationalities every Sunday morning.

Adult 21  |  Pastor's Class  |  James & Elaine Lee, Directors

Department/Class: Coed
Leadership: Jay Wolf
Location: Main Sanctuary