Children's Hope is partnering with Lifesong for Orphans in order to assist First Baptist members who are called to adopt but need financial assistance. First Baptist members make financial contributions to Children's Hope and designate their donation to go to Lifesong for Orphans. They can then apply to Lifesong for a no-interest loan or matching grant if needed for their adoption. Lifesong then makes the determination based on the individual family needs. Lifesong administers this program at no cost to CH or the adopting family.  
Children's Hope also provides periodic informational/educational meetings on adoption such as the different kids of adoption and funding an adoption.  See Julie Gumm's book, "Adopt without Debt" for lots of ideas.
There are many different kinds of adoption with a range of cost as well including:
  • International adoption — The cost for international adoption ranges from about $20,000 to $40,000. This amount is usually determined by the individual country. Once the decision is made to adopt internationally, then deciding on an adoption agency is the next important factor. You may be limited in your agencies based on the country that you have chosen or you may choose an agency first and then choose a country with whom they have adoption programs. Either way, it is wise to get references on the agency and read as much about them as possible. International adopted requires a lot of paperwork and steps. While it is expensive, not all money is required up front but rather in stages. Usually not much information is provided on children adopted internationally and each country has different requirements regarding in-country stay. The International Adoption Clinic at Children's Hospital is a valuable resource to families adopting children from foreign countries regarding medical and behavioral issues.
  • Domestic adoption — The cost varies depending on what services are provided to the birth mother. Adoptive families often pay for prenatal care, delivery charges and other services. There are agency costs involved as well such as a home study fee, application fee, etc. Reputable agencies also serve as a support system and provide many wonderful resources to the adoptive family. There are also private adoptions that involve just an attorney and not an agency. This type of adoption is often considered when the adoption has been pre-determined such as within family relationships. Domestic adoptions can be closed or open. Open refers to some type of agreed upon contact with the birth mother or family.
  • Adoption through the Department of Human Resources — This type of adoption has no cost attached to it except for an attorney fee when the adoption is finalized. This type of adoption includes children who have been placed in foster care and are now available for adoption due to parental rights being terminated. Many foster families adopt children who have been placed in their home once the children become available for adoption. However, other families have adopted through DHR without the intent to foster. Adoptive parents are required to meet basically the same requirements as foster parents including GPS training, a home study, criminal background check, etc.
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Adoption is a Biblical term that describes how we, as Christians, became children of God. We were lost and with no hope of a future until God began to pursue us. He then brought us into His family with the full inheritance of all that being a child of God includes. This is the very reason that Christian families are called on to consider adopting. We are recipients of being adopted by a loving Heavenly Father, so who better to understand the significance of adoption than Christians?
Dr. Russell Moore has written a book titled "Adopted for Life," which clearly explains the adoption of children by considering the Gospel of Christ.
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